How To Dive Into Your Fear

 How To Dive Into Your Fear

Do you ever stop to wonder how far you could go, if only you never felt fear?

I often write about fear because it is such a pervasive force in our lives. Fear is the reason that a lion could look into the mirror and see a kitten. Fear is that little demon that sits on your shoulder and knows exactly what to say to get you to back away from your dreams. Fear is that knot in your belly that you can’t shake. Fear is that dark emotion that keeps you awake at night.

How To Dive Into Your Fear

Did you know that fear isn’t real? Some call it False Evidence Appearing Real because it is a manufactured emotion that your mind uses to keep you ‘safe’. Safety doesn’t equate to success and it sure doesn’t equate to growth. It equates to the status quo; your mind tries to keep you safe because it knows that what you’ve already experienced is not a risk.

Stop Running From Your Pain

The simpliest way to get off the fear treadmill is to stop running. Just stop. When  you feel that dread in your belly, recognize that your mind is the culprit. You’re in the midst of a thought that doesn’t feel good and is scaring the tar out of you. Look your fear dead in the face and don’t back down. Yes, it’s frightening. But your mind is trying to control you in that moment. Show it who’s boss – you.

Confront The Real Issues

Once you start noticing when you feel fear, you have to ask yourself specifically what triggers that feeling. Is it thoughts of doing something new – something you’ve been dreaming about? Is it remembering a mistake you’ve made in the past? Or is it admitting how much you don’t know about something?

Whatever the trigger, once you’ve identified it, next you have to dismantle it. The basic reason we feel fear is that, deep down, we don’t feel we can handle the situation we’re thinking about. So figure out why you’re telling yourself you can’t handle it before you’ve even tried. And if you’ve been unsuccessful in the past, ask yourself why you can’t handle this new attempt to conquor your goal.

Take Baby Steps

Begin to dismantle your fear by slowing proving to yourself that you can handle what you’re facing. Prepare as much as you can for what’s coming your way. Reflect on what you’ve done before and recognize the lessons that your past experiences hold for the goal in front of you. Your fear didn’t appear over night, so you can’t conquer it over night either.

Start From Where You Are, Right Now

You need to act today because you’ve already been held back by fear. Why continue to delay your dreams, when you have a plan to follow to start making progress? Besides, tomorrow is not promised. If you’ve been praying and hoping for a change, but you won’t move your feet, I guarantee that you’re missing out on the opportunities you’ve been asking for.

How To Dive Into Your Fear

I promise you that your fear is worse than the actual thing that you fear. I admit that doing new things is uncomfortable but there is no growth in comfort. You must stretch yourself to reach the new place you need to go, in order to be the person you’re destined to be. Only you can delay that destiny by letting your fear rule you. Your life doesn’t have to be that way.

What fears have been holding you back from your next level of success? How can you start from where you are to dismantle these fears?

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