How To Keep the Motivation Going

 How To Keep the Motivation Going

The other night I was feeling extremely unmotivated.  

I felt very far away from my dreams, about as far away as one can get. Sometimes I get selective amnesia and forget all of the accomplishments that came before that moment of despair. I felt as if I was standing at the beginning of a lonely blacktop, and my goal stretched far ahead of me into the horizon. It seemed as if I would never ‘get there’.  

How To Keep the Motivation Going

In moments like those, its important for any person in pursuit of a goal (or a dream, as I prefer to pursue) to objectively re-evaluate their position. At those moments its critical to silence the negative self-talk and only allow realistic and constructive statements to play in one’s mind. In order to do this, I reviewed my plan of attack for achieving my dream. In that way I could quickly see where it was I actually started from, the real destination I am moving toward, and a quantifiable, achievable accomplishment that serves as the goal post for my arrival. I also flipped through my ‘motivation chest’, the books, vision board, websites and other tools I use to keep my spirits up and my motivation fueled.  

The book that always does the trick for me is Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. If you haven’t read it, its a timeless classic that will reenergize you for any task, and one that should be reviewed frequently. If its already a part of your library, then I urge you to keep it handy during those times when it seems like you just can’t reach the place where you’re striving to get.  

What I also like about this book is that its applicable to virtually any goal. If you see it in your mind then you can have it. And the title of the first chapter, “Thoughts become things”, is part of my favorite quote: Thoughts become things, choose the good ones! Some people may think the concepts in this book are “new age” or “feel-good mumbo jumbo”. Well, let me ask then, whats wrong with feeling good? Positive thinking is free, and aligning your thoughts in positive ways with what you want will work more wonders for your life than listening to the doom and gloom being spouted all around you. 

Whats more, is that no one will be as excited, as fired up, and as motivated about your dream as you. So whatever it is that you put into your ‘motivation chest’, make sure its stocked well with the thoughts and advice that really get your juices flowing. Because sometimes you will naturally be motivated, and at other times your thoughts will wander into a negative place. Be ready for those times of negativity and know that they are just temporary respites from your road of achievement.