how to lose belly fat after pregnancy

 Weight loss Tips Lose Tummy Fat After Pregnancy

To lose your tummy fat post pregnancy is a lot different than trying to lose weight prior to having a baby.  Your body has changed substantially and through pregnancy your stomach muscles open up as your baby grows and it is the ‘six pack’ muscle in a woman’s stomach which stretches and opens up.


how to lose belly fat after pregnancy

Post the birth of the baby mum’s are often left with a lot of belly fat and what they term a jelly belly – and in some women the stomach muscles that have been stretched over pregnancy never return to their pre pregnancy shape which makes the pursuit to lose tummy fat even harder. Most mums thus keep searching in vain for the best answers to their “how to lose belly fat”.


The key point to lose stomach fat from pregnancy is taking a holistic approach as spot fat removal is not possible.  It is crucial to adopt a diet or weight loss and nutrition plan to suit you, as well as factoring in exercise and specific foods or supplements to build lean muscle to increase the metabolism function.


Diet and nutrition account for 70-80% of weight loss so it is vital to follow a plan that gives the mum the best nutrition available (especially when breastfeeding) that will help lose stomach fat – without having any bad side effects such as bad breath, poor nutrition or constipation.

The best and most successful way to lose tummy fat is by adopting a steady approach which will make you more inclined to stick to it but will also ensure your body is actually losing the fat not just fluid – which can happen on some weight loss plans which promise dramatic weight loss results in the first few weeks.


The top secrets and weight loss tips to lose stomach fat post pregnancy are;

  1. Follow a diet and nutrition program that gives your body optimal cellular nutrition to function correctly and aids to lose tummy fat.
  2. Know your motivation and revisit it every day to keep you on track.
  3. Eat metabolism boosting foods like chilli, garlic, tumeric, cumin, lean protein, vegetables and green tea to lose tummy fat.
  4. Take a tablespoon of cider vinegar before meals.
  5. Do metabolism boosting exercises like lifting light weights which are excellent to lose stomach fat.
  6. Breastfeed – this can burn up to 500 calories a day (just make sure you are not restricting your calories when breastfeeding as this may effect your milk supply.
  7. Incorporate incidental exercise into your daily routine like walking to the shops or taking the stairs – not the lift.
  8. Control appetite with high protein foods and snacks.
  9. Aim for consistent and steady weight loss of up to 1kg a week – not dramatic weight loss which can mean toxins from the fat are released into your body too quickly and make you feel sick.
  10. Be prepared for temptation and how you will combat it – plan ahead.
  11. Set small goals for yourself – see our help here – How to set small goals.

For a plan that incorporates all of the above weight loss tips to help lose tummy fat please see the Lose Baby Weight plans and if you are breastfeeding we have a specific breastfeeding Q&A page on how to lose stomach fat while breastfeeding.

Please note that this article is for information only and should not replace any medical advice from a Doctor

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