How To Travel A Journey With Multiple Paths

 How To Travel A Journey With Multiple Paths

I’ve been chewing on this thought for a while, and it’s finally time to express it to you.

Back in March of 2011 (man does time fly!) I decided to change the focus of this blog from a general mindset dicussion to ways in which entrepreneurs can change their mindset to reach success in their business. I wanted to align more closely with my coaching practice. I’m glad I made the decision and that I’m offering more support for women entrepreneurs to live their dreams.

How To Travel A Journey With Multiple Paths

The great thing about being an entrepreneur is that you have the power to craft your vision however you want to. Let me go into my job and say, “hey I decided I’m not working on these types of projects anymore. Now I’m doing that over there.” I imagine my bosses would not be pleased!

The struggle, though, with having a blog and making my own thoughts public, is to be consistent with my message. Alot of my thoughts go into writing about topics that are relevant to you and to what you’re experiencing, all while striking a balance between not being too personal and being personal enough for you to connect to my words. Ultimately, I believe that being transparent about my own journey helps you along on your journey.

Where The Road Is Taking Me

I have a few projects I’m working on for Motivated that I’m really excited about. I’m also working on a few things in my personal life that are taking up alot of my time. Included on my internal list is to improve my health (by eating a healthier diet and losing weight) and to improve my love life.

For about the last 5 years, I’ve been trying different approaches to achieve varying goals at once. I believe that my happiness depends on how full my plate is – it’s hard for me to really bask in my business success, when my love life (as an example) is not where I want it to be, and vice versa. The problem comes in when it’s time to prioritze goals in order of importance. To me, they are all equally important because they are all interrelated. My health affects my mindset and performance on my goals, and the level of anxiety, stress or faith and hope I feel about my goals affects my health.

My approach to achieving my goals has evolved into one where I’m moving toward the image I’ve set of my ideal life, instead of simply having a list of things to get done and checking that list as I go. This allows more flexibility for me and for the room to change my goals as I grow as a person. As a result of me striving to attain this bigger picture, sometimes I focus on one specific thing at a time, at other times I work on a few things at once. Ultimately, if the method you currently use isn’t working, be open to experimenting and observing what works best for you.

Do You Know Where You’re Headed?

It really frustrates me when people are encouraged to be grateful by diminishing the discomfort or pain they feel about something. If I say “my car is really giving me trouble,” your response that “you should be grateful for what you have” doesn’t lessen the pain I feel when it’s time to turn my ignition. Along those same lines, don’t internalize these comments when people say them to you. If you’re like me, you’re striving for a rell-rounded, balanced life, so gratitude about achievement in one area doesn’t equate to contentment when another area isn’t on the same level.

How To Travel A Journey With Multiple Paths

In order to balance everything out, you must be clear about who you are and what you want. Also, it’s important to align all of your goals. If your goal is financial freedom, you can’t achieve that if goals you’ve set in other areas of your life conflict with your financial objective. You must also recognize that your focus is going to be split between multiple projects at one time. For me, it works best to work on one big thing at a time, and alternate my focus as each goal has been completed.

All of this is irrelevant, however, if fear and indecision are keeping you from stepping onto your path. The greatest journey of your life is awaiting you, and it begins with one single step toward your dreams. Start today and you’ll be pleasantly surprised on how your journey unfolds.

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