How to use Cardio and Strength Training to Lose Weight

While you may have an exercise preference, consider incorporating cardio and strength training to meet and exceed your fitness goals. Cardio exercises help your body to increase endurance and stamina. They usually raise the heart rate level for an extended period of time and burn calories at a higher rate in a short period of time if executed correctly.

Using a combination of cardio and strength training exercises will provide the best results in your quest to remain lean and fit. If you are concerned about the time it takes to do both, you can still work out with both in less than an hour’s time. This of course depends on the intensity you work out with.

How to use Cardio and Strength Training to Lose Weight

Common cardio exercises are walking, jogging and swimming. Cardio exercises provide the physical challenge your body and mind needs. While they are challenging, it is well worth it. Some benefits of cardio exercise can include lowering the risk of heart disease and increased energy levels. It can also help increase focus and reduce stress.

If you want to start off with own cardio exercise program, you need to look no further than your front door. Whatever your exercise level or preference is, you can start off with a 20 minute walk or jog. For people that are looking for low impact exercises, there are many low impact exercises such as walking and swimming that also focus on the cardio system.

While regular cardio exercise is extremely important for added energy endurance, you should add strength training to your life style. Some people get confuse strength training with bodybuilding and are afraid of getting “too muscular”. However, this concern is not valid. Bodybuilders are professionals and have years of experience at their craft. So don’t worry, chances are you won’t be as muscular as them.

The goal for strength training is to keep your muscles strong. As we get older we start aging by losing muscle. You don’t need to buy a weight set or join a gym right away if you don’t want to. All you need to do is make sure you are taxing your muscles properly so you can stay in shape.

You can start off with body weight exercises such as push ups, pull ups and crunches. These three exercises will work out a lot of your upper body and use your body weight to provide the resistance you need to work out.

If you do join a gym or have weights at home, weight lifting is a great way to keep your strength. Start out will exercises that work large muscle groups (such as the incline dumb bell press). These types of exercises require more weight to lift and will incorporate more muscles.