I believe in you

When I sat down and thought about what I do, my purpose, and my vision, I realized that I had alot of stretching to do to really be comfortable with the direction I’m heading in.

Have you ever had a vision for your life that was SO BIG that it scared you?

Yeah. That’s where I was. So alot of my silence has been me coming to terms with how big my new dreams are, and growing myself to fit into that.

I believe in you

I’ve also been thinking about how best I can help you reach your goals. I felt like I ran out of words – that I wouldn’t say something or do something to provide value, to nudge you along on your path.

Then it dawned on me that what you might need most right now is just a simple, encouraging word.

What is crazy to me is how often you take for granted how awesome you truly are. You underestimate yourself, sell yourself short, avoid owning your greatness and downplay the natural talents that are unique to you. I see it daily. And I’ve come to accept it. Because everyone isn’t in the same place with their journey, and I believe we’re mainly here in this lifetime to learn the lessons that will lead to our individual spiritual growth.

What I want you to know today is that everything you dream about, every tool that you have (that you may not realize the rest of us DON’T have), every person you know and every experience you’ve been through – all these things are equipping you with what you need to be the great person you know you’re supposed to be.

If you’re scared, that’s ok. If you’re lost, don’t know which road to take, that’s ok. If you’re tired and don’t feel you can keep going, that’s ok too.

Because the one constant in life is that things change. You won’t always be where you are right now. If that’s the only thing you can rejoice about today, then please do so.

Please hug yourself, smile at yourself in the mirror and ACCEPT today for what it is.

I truly believe in you. I hope you believe in you, too.

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