It feels impossible to gain muscle

 It feels impossible to gain muscle

Do you sometimes feel that it’s impossible to gain muscle, lose fat or even increase your fitness, even though you try so hard? Or don’t you even try at all? A lot of people seem to think that it’s impossible to achieve the body they desire.

Why would you think it’s impossible to gain muscle?

Sit down for a moment and think to yourself why you really think it’s impossible to gain muscle. Who told you its impossible?  Do you know people who tried and failed and now believe the same?

It feels impossible to gain muscle

Let’s look at a typical scenario of why people think something is impossible. Let me tell you a story about Bob and John:

Bob always wanted to become rich and he dreamed about being rich all the time. He thought about what he could do with all the money and how everyone would love him. As he grew up he heard stories from everyone, and watching movies and reading books he heard the same story: Making money is hard. As the years went by Bob started to believe that making money is really hard. He believed this so much that after college he went and found an ordinary office job with an average salary.

Now John on the other hand grew up as a normal child, he did not talk about money much or even think about it much. One day the thought popped into his head that he wants to be rich because of certain situations he needed more money than he had. John started his own business and got extremely rich.

What’s the difference here? Why did John manage to become extremely rich and Bob didn’t, even though Bob wanted to be rich all his life? The reason is that their internal realities are different, they see things in a different light, Bob was taught that making money is hard while John was never told this. Because Bob believed making money was hard he never tried. If only Bob tried he would have seen that it’s not hard at all. He sabotaged himself based on his false belief.

How do I change my belief to building muscle?

It’s important for you to understand that nothing is impossible. Millions of people do something every day that most people think is impossible. How do those big bodybuilders do it? The secret is that they don’t believe in limits, they believe they can be the BEST bodybuilder in the world and nothing is holding them back.

The only way to change your belief that it’s impossible to gain muscle is to find proof that it is not impossible. Talk to people that was skinny and managed to do it. Find people on internet that faced major challenges and succeeded. I can promise you now if you tried to build muscle and found it impossible it’s because you were sabotaging yourself. Not going to gym enough or eating wrong. Nothing is impossible; keep trying until you succeed.

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