What needs to be done to start looking at the world differently

You are floating on a big river. Somewhere in the distance, a waterfall looms, and you float, smiling with full mouth and looking at the landscapes around. Enjoy the view and the seagulls. You row well. From time to time you roll over onto your back and look at the clouds and the sky, which is so close that you can touch it with your hands.

Just swim

Daredevils on expensive boats, gorgeous women with artificial body parts, macho with empty eyes rush past you. Sometimes someone tries to swim against the current, fleeing the inevitable waterfall ahead. They try their best, they swim with a team of plastic surgeons and swimming coaches. Advisors on the correct rowing against the current float with them. And a little further, chanting hymns and overshadowing everyone floating with magical passes, bearded and beardless, in robes, suits with snow-white collars, in kippahs and turbans, are clergymen. They help others to be sure that they will continue to swim behind the waterfall. Some are trying to convince that there is no waterfall at all. These services are often paid. And you, meanwhile, only laugh and just float. If a boat comes in your way, or at least a rubber ring, you are happy. If you find a travel companion with whom it becomes even more interesting to sail, you thank the river for that. If you are lucky enough to drown while swimming and never reach the waterfall, so be it. Either way, you enjoy the journey. Just enjoying it.

How difficult it is to live simply. Just sail along the river of life, looking at the daily pictures that the reality around us shows us. This is the essence of most people's suffering - over-complication, even where everything is simple by default. We are used to building huge concrete towers instead of simple houses; we are used to wasting our energy on fictitious problems, simultaneously complicating them and endowing them with such power over ourselves that we end up walking and drowning somewhere in a river of whiskey. 

We idolize complexity because this is how our mind can prove itself to be efficient. Our mind requires first buying a telescope, then going through a dozen astronomy textbooks, going out into the desert and armed with the support of a few madmen to study the stars for a month - instead of just raising our head and smiling at the sky. Our mind, which completely and completely subdued us, turning into slaves of the brain, logic and reasoning, inhabits the surrounding reality with monsters and deadly enemies, insoluble puzzles, trials, grievances, conflicts and other debris that not only speeds up our path to the waterfall, but also poisons the water around us. We all lack simplicity, because simple things, simple actions, simple people annoy us for some reason. After all, they are simple! They do not complicate life, but do everything the other way around. And this is so hard to understand! After all, they are simple! They do not complicate life, but do everything the other way around. And this is so hard to understand! After all, they are simple! They do not complicate life, but do everything the other way around. And this is so hard to understand!

Simplicity surrounds us, you just need to take a closer look. But, most likely, you will not succeed, since you first need to take off the glasses that make your world black and white and dull. These glasses are your inflamed social attitudes, concepts, beliefs, ideas, envy, hatred, beliefs, mind. After all, you are looking at the world through the prism of the mind, filtering all incoming information and creating your own illusory reality, where there is no place for simplicity. After all, lice causal relationships are so complex and confusing that it is easier to find a needle in a haystack than to understand them.

What needs to be done to start looking at the world differently It's that simple! Drop all your beliefs, mental concepts, turn off that mental firewall that blocks any simple signals. Stop comparing, judging, jealous, empty talk, hate; stop wasting your and other people's time; stop disliking yourself; stop, damn it, shitting in your karma, even if you don't believe in it! But you can't just take your world upside down and just like that! To achieve an understanding of the surrounding simplicity, you need to wave the hammer well to break the tall reinforced concrete fence that hides from you all the joys of the world. You need to turn off all those negative qualities in yourself that prevent you from looking at the world simply. Moreover, often these qualities not only interfere,

Turn off your damn mind for at least a few seconds and look at the world not through the prism of an inner critic, but through the eyes of a contemplator! Stand up right now and look out the window. What do you see Terrible weather, bad roads, a bunch of gloomy people ... This is your inner critic speaking, for whom most things in this world are shit. Read Lebedev's Topic - this is the most striking example of such a critic, for whom everything is shit. But is it Not! When you turn off this vile creation of your mind, you will suddenly find that all worldly shit suddenly disappeared, and outside the window there was snow on the trees, which, like snow-white blankets, enveloped them until spring, protecting them from frost; children playing snowballs and sledding will remind you of childhood; passing cars will enchant with headlights, who snatches the ghostly figures of passers-by from the evening darkness. All this is no matter what and how you see.

Simple things are good because they are understandable. Simple actions are good because you don't have to guess at the coffee grounds in order to predict your future behavior. Simple thoughts are good because, like clouds, they do not linger in the sky of your mind. It's good to just float on the river of life because you just float. Just swim, it's so damn easy!

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