Life Is Just Like Frozen Custard

This is the best signage ever on Sunday, I was feenin’ for some Rita’s frozen custard. I had only had Rita’s one other time this year. There was going to be a serious problem if I couldn’t get some Rita’s. I decided to make an afternoon of it and went to the location that’s about 30 minutes away. It was the perfect day for a drive and a cool snack, it wasn’t too hot and the sun was shining. Then I planned to go to Barnes & Noble afterward and do some reading on a project.

I kept imagining how cold and creamy that first taste was gonna be. I couldn’t decide what flavor ice I would get mixed in, and I thought about the other ice flavors I had already tried. I could barely sit still as I was driving, and did a little happy dance at lights because I was beside myself with happiness.

Life Is Just Like Frozen Custard

My order of happiness :-)When I got there, there was a line. But I wasn’t upset at all. That just gave me more time to make up my mind. Then when I got to the window to order, I sampled some flavors for my next visit. The moment that I had that Gelati in my hand was pure bliss. It looked so beautiful that I almost didn’t want to eat it. Almost… (lol)

But of course I crushed it. And just like with many things, the anticipation was greater than the actual product. That’s life though, you know? You work to get this thing that you want, and then when you get it, you enjoy it for two seconds before you’re on to something else. Kinda like a kid with their Christmas toys. He or she spends all year being naughty or nice, helps their parents decorate the house, all to rip open presents in 20 minutes and forget about their gifts by the next week.

That’s the thing, we don’t enjoy the anticipation of the end result. We tear ourselves up and make such a big deal because we don’t have what we desire, that we totally miss the experience, enjoyment and the blessing of the anticipation. How alive do you feel waiting for something that you want? Do you savor the daydreams that you have, when you imagine how your life will be like once you finally attain your goal? We might do that, but then immediately after those good-feeling thoughts, we think about how we don’t have what we want, can’t get what we want, and the obstacles to our success pop up in our minds.

When you divorce yourself from the thought that you can’t have what you want, and enjoy the pure simple thoughts about your desire — thats the vibration you need to sustain in order to attract what you want into your life. Savor those thoughts and feelings that this is what you want and the imagining of having it; how much bliss does that bring you? What type of feeling do you have inside during those moments? And why don’t you reach for that bliss more often? Do you stop and think about that?

Because thats the key for us getting what we want, of keeping that motivation going. Those thoughts about our desires that make us happy, where we enjoy the anticipation of the goal only focus on what it’ll be like when we reach that end point – those are the thoughts and feelings we need to cultivate and keep going in our minds. We’ve been conditioned to immediately ‘come back to reality’ and dwell on thoughts that don’t make us feel good – of people saying ‘no’ to us, of doors being closed, of never reaching the finish line.

The beauty of controlling your mind is realizing that you don’t have to harbor and dwell on those negative thoughts. Just like a child at Christmas, we can hope, strive for and anticipate those wonderful gifts that are waiting on us under the Christmas tree, even though we don’t know what’s under the wrapping paper. Because we’re not ever going to NOT want anything. Our suffering isn’t in the wanting, its in the reoccuring belief that we can’t have what we desire. But its that moment to moment wanting that makes life even better. Because when we stop and allow ourselves the enjoyment and appreciation of the wanting, that’s when we have a spectacular life filled with bliss.