Long term bodybuilding success secrets

 Long term bodybuilding success secrets

Building a strong body and gaining weight is no easy task, yet many bodybuilders achieve their goals. So how do they do it? Following them and asking them we can get some answers. What we learned from them all is that you have to train hard, eat a lot of food especially protein and rest. But is that all? How do you keep staying motivated and be a bodybuilding success story?

Long term bodybuilding success secrets

Long term bodybuilding success secrets

The secret lies in long term strategies that all of these bodybuilders follow. There are 7 bodybuilding success secrets:

1 - Passion for bodybuilding

Ask any bodybuilder and he will tell you that his whole life is bodybuilding. He loves it; it’s his fuel for his life and his happiness. Having a passion for bodybuilding is possibly the most important factor to bodybuilding success. Loving what you do will no doubt keep you motivated and trying hard to succeed.

2 - Hard work

Being a bodybuilding is hard work, you have to train very hard 5-6 times a week. You constantly have to deal with pain and exhaustion. However for a bodybuilder this is actually fun, they love the fatigue they are feeling during training, it means what they are doing is working. The more you punish yourself the better the results in the end. You also have to keep to a strict diet and this is the hardest thing to do, you constantly have to deflect all the people from seducing you to eat unhealthy foods.

3 - Focus

Having a focus is very important to gaining muscle. You have to set goals and focus on achieving them, you cannot just go to gym and work on everything and hope that you will grow. No, you need to know exactly what muscle group needs work. Keeping your focus on bodybuilding is not always easy, life tends to get in the way, but you have to make a plan to stay on track and never take your eye of your success.

4 - Persistence

Every bodybuilder knows that you don’t see gains in a short period of time; it takes at least a few weeks to see any results and it’s hard to keep those results. Most people give up too quickly because they do not see anything happening. Sometimes it gets so hard to work out, because of fatigue taking over and stumbling blocks in the way. But like any success in life, you have to continue, you have to pick yourself up and look your goals straight in the eye and move forward. Having persistence is the only way to success.

Long term bodybuilding success secrets

5 - Improvement

A bodybuilder always strives to better his previous results. Just like any athlete you have to improve your strength, improve the weight size you can lift and improve your posture when doing exercises. This is very important; there is no better feeling than lifting a heavier weight after being stuck on the same weight for a long time. Knowing that you are constantly improving is a great motivational tool. Without improvement your motivation will die a young death and you will throw in the towel.

6 - Pushing yourself                     

There will be difficult times when you won’t feel like going to gym. Life has so many stumbling blocks and things that want to deflect you from your goals. You have to keep pushing yourself to go to gym even when you do not feel like it. You have to keep pushing when you are tired. You can even get someone else to help push you to do it. As you continue this way you will build you self-discipline and once you master it, you will be in control of your body, no longer will your body control you.

7 - Sharing with others

Being a lone wolf in life doesn’t help. Besides what’s the point in getting success when you cannot share it with others? A bodybuilder needs buddies. They help to push him, they help spot him and they learn together to break through failure. The more people you share your knowledge with the faster you will learn of all the tricks and even the false information you might have had.  Learn from the best and you will become the best.

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