Lower Cholesterol with a Low Fat Diet

 Just How Long Does it Take to Lower Cholesterol with a Low Fat Diet

By and large, in this age of technology and instant gratification, we have become a results oriented people. When we engage in whatever endeavors we pursue, we want to have a definitive timeframe in mind. In other words, we have desire to know how long our pursuits are going to take and when we are going to complete them. Our dieting activities are not an exception to this rule. As we adopt healthier habits such as a low fat cholesterol diet, questions of time continually dog our heels. The following discussion will address, once and for all, the time factor with low fat cholesterol diets.

Lower Cholesterol with a Low Fat Diet

1. What Constitutes a Low Fat Diet?

A low fat diet is one that conforms to what the name implies, namely the consumption of foods that contain low amounts of fat. This includes low levels of saturated fats and cholesterol. This is not the complete elimination of fat, however, as some fat is required by the body to operate properly. There have been a number of studies that indicate that certain types of low fat diets are beneficial in lowering one's risk of heart disease and stroke.

2. What are the Different Types of Low Fat Diets?

There are a multitude of diets that wall within the category of low fat. These include customized diets that individuals create, as well as standardized dieting systems. Technically, any dieting endeavor that includes the deliberate consumption of foods that contain minimal amounts of fat is a low fat diet, such as a vegetarian diet. In addition, there are many standardized low fat dieting plans that have become popular such as SlimFast, Jenny Craig and the Mayo Clinic Plan. These plans all emphasize the consumption of low fat foods, with some combining other dieting and exercise elements.

3. How Long Does it Take for These Plans to Work?

Determining the length of time for a plan to work is not a easy question to answer. This is due to the numerous variables involved, most of which are different from individual to individual. Such factors as the degree cholesterol levels must be lowered to reach acceptable ranges must be taken into consideration. While some diets will provide a definitive time frame in which results are expected, these numbers should be taken as average estimations and not solid requirements. For example, it is estimated that a plant-based diet (a complete vegetarian meal plan) will result in a reduction of LDL levels by as much as 10 to 13% within a 6 month period.

4. Is the Time Frame an Important Consideration?

In all honesty, the length of time a diet plan takes to work is usually of little consequence. The primary concern is the participant's dedication to carry out the diet as it is prescribed. Generally speaking, if a proper diet is followed correctly, you will see results. While the length of time that it takes for these results to manifest will differ among individuals, the result will nevertheless materialize. Further, it should be recognized that embarking on a healthy lifestyle is not a matter of reaching a particular milestone and stopping. The habits that were initiated to gain a healthy foothold must be continued in order to maintain the gains that were made.

What should be taken away from this discussion is that while there is a time factor related to engaging in a low fat cholesterol diet, that it is not a hard and fast component. This is to say that whether one's initial goal is satisfied within the time prescribed or if it takes a longer period of time, does not invalidate the utility of the diet itself. In fact, readers should realize that a healthy lifestyle is just that - a lifestyle. In essence the habits you adopt in pursuit of a healthier existence are practices that are not short term, rather they represent permanent changes. Otherwise, once you accomplish your initial goal, you would simply find yourself in the original predicament that necessitated the change in the first place.

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