Persistence is the key to success

 Persistence is the key to success

Have you ever found that you tell yourself that you will never be able to succeed in building massive muscles? How the heck do those big guys manage to do it? What is their secret? Why can’t I seem to reach my goal?

So what makes a successful bodybuilder?

It all about persistence and the number of times you try. Every successful bodybuilder goes through struggles and thought about giving up. You can ask any big guy in the gym if he gave up before and he will tell you he thought about it or even gave up for a while , but then he got back into it and just continued. You have to try everything to succeed. And we have it in us to succeed. It has been proven many times in life. Even people that are successful in business or in relationships had to be persistent and learn from failure.

Persistence is the key to success

We all fail multiple times before we reach that point of what we call success. Remember we learn from failure. You need to fail. If you never fail you never learn from that. Think about it for a while. When you learned to ride a bicycle or learned to drive. It took you multiple tries and you had to break through fears into order to succeed. Looking back at it now it was all about being persistent and believing that you will be able to do it in the end.

Personally I found getting a driver’s licence the biggest obstacle in my life. I failed multiple times and later developed the belief that it’s impossible for me to get it. But I continued. And I have it now! It took me years, but only because I gave up for a few years. So I had to learn from that. Never give up. Keep on keep on trucking as they say.

Developing the habit of going to gym

Did you know that when you train for at least 6 months you will have developed that habit of going to gym? You will have become used to going. Stopping after 6 months will leave you feeling weird and craving to go to gym. You just have to find the motivation to go for that first 6 months. Make a decision to stick to it for 60 days. I promise you that you will start to love going. Think of all the benefits of a healthier you and how you will increase your confidence.

The next time you find that you tell yourself that it’s too difficult to succeed, then remember that it’s only the number of times you try. Never give up on yourself. You have all the power in yourself.

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