Pregnancy & Exercise

Engaging in regular exercise throughout your pregnancy can help your body stay healthy and get read for the big event. It will also boost your energy levels and keep your spirits high during the day. When your body is strong, delivery will be a lot easier. Any mother can testify that labor requires a large degree of strength and energy.

Pregnancy & Exercise

It can be a little challenging at first to find a pregnancy exercise program that will work for you. Don’t be hasty in choosing one; take your time. If you already do regular exercise, look for the kind of program that is similar to what you did before. Remember, exercise should be enjoyable, and exercising during pregnancy should be no exception.

I’m a big proponent of regular walking. It’s very important that I take a brisk walk around the neighborhood or park. For me, I find walking to be an ideal pregnancy exercise. It’s great for your body, easy and convenient to do, and you can pull it off without problems all the way until delivery time.

On the other hand, my neighbor takes a different view of fitness. She goes jogging a minimum of three times per week. I thought at first that she wouldn’t be able to keep up this kind of routine during pregnancy, but I was wrong. She continued on until her pregnancy’s last month. And at that point, she began to take walks with me.

Sometimes it’s not possible to do outdoor exercise. If it’s either very hot or very cold, or wet and miserable, it’s not a good time to exercise. These conditions can put you and your baby in danger of illness or injury. Bad weather is simply not a safe environment to exercise in.

The solution is to take your exercise indoors. It’s not hard to do, and you’ll be able to do most of what you could normally do. There are many ways to accomplish this. Use a treadmill, a popular exercise accessory, to complete your walks inside. Nothing beats the outdoors, but it’s about the best substitute you can get.

Find what’s best for you. For my neigh bour and me, walking or jogging is just fine. But other women might choose other activities such as Pilates or yoga. You can find videos that will help you do these exercises during your pregnancy.

There’s almost no limit to the workout programs you can find for pregnant women. Many exercise programs have been redesigned to take into account the special needs of women carrying a baby. There are many great options out there, but talk to your doctor in any case before starting anything. Your doctor may even suggest some other interesting exercise ideas that you can consider.

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