Prove Your Worthiness In 2 Seconds Or Less

Prove Your Worthiness In 2 Seconds Or Less

Do you believe you can add correctly? How are your subtraction and multiplication skills? Some people think they have these down, but they don’t. I think a refresher course in basic mathematics might be in order.

I say this because there are so many people walking around trying to take away worthiness from themselves for no apparent reason. There’s something in your brain that says “I am less than – not equal to – the person who reaches their dreams”. I want to finally put that equation to rest for you.

In a comment to my last post, Udara said:

My biggest problem isn’t really focusing on prosperity but believing that I deserve to prosper in all aspects of my life. This was the biggest roadblock I had to conquer-sometimes we are our own biggest saboteurs.

To Udara, and my other readers that struggle with feeling worthy: who said you don’t deserve any and every good thing that comes into your life? Who said you have to pass some test or reach some marker before you deserve what you’re striving for? (Riddle me that, Batman!)


Here’s the thing. My grandmother used to tell me that I wasn’t better than anyone else. I believe it came from the principle that we are all equal, and I shouldn’t look down on anyone who was less fortunate than we were. Problem is, I took it to mean the inverse – I assumed that everyone else was better than me. In my mind, 1+1 didn’t equal 2, for me it was like -5.

Prove Your Worthiness In 2 Seconds Or Less

So even when people told me, “you’re so smart”, “you’re capable of doing great things”, “you’re gonna go really far”, I kept thinking that if I just worked harder, if I tried even more and was always good, I could be worthy of the big lofty goals I set for myself. I kept thinking that one day, I’d walk up to a table and deserve to be there, just as much as everyone else.

What a waste of time, energy and emotions.

I was worthy that whole time. There was nothing harder for me to strive for, nothing extra I needed to do. There is not one thing that separates me from anyone else who’s chosen the same goals that I have. You and I are both worthy of them. And you are worthy of any and everything you dream of too.


Here’s a test you can use to prove that you’re worthy, once and for all. After this there should be no doubt in your mind if you deserve anything you want, and when other people start talking the worthiness talk you can tune them out because you’ve already settled that score.


Here’s the test: turn off all distractions around you – cell phones, TVs, ipods, computers (after you read these directions, of course). Make sure you won’t be disturbed. Once you’re alone in a quiet room, sit quietly in a chair and close your eyes.

Then take a deep breath. You are still breathing, right? That’s how you know you’re worthy and deserving of your goals – because you exist.


We all deserve success in life, to reach our wildest dreams, simply because we are alive. You were made for greatness whether you claim it or not. And if you choose to hold yourself back by believing that you are less than anyone who’s already met your goal – then that’s on you. Please show me where the requirement for worthiness is, or where it’s written or said that you have to be deserving – and that you are lacking.

Don’t continue to beat yourself up, or hold yourself back from your goals. You are worthy, and you deserve the best in life. And until you truly believe that, to the depths of your being, you won’t reach the level of success that you’re destined for.

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