Reaching Your Fitness Goals For Your Wedding

The countdown begins as soon as you decide on the date of the wedding and start planning. The ceremony is 365 days away so you think to yourself, 'I have plenty of time to lose this weight'. It's true! You do have plenty of time. But, if you don't begin planning right away, you will find that each day that passes, it will be harder and harder to reach your goal.

Reaching Your Fitness Goals For Your Wedding

Think about it, you want to lose 20 lbs. in 365 days. Don't tell yourself it's easy and that you can do in the last eight weeks before the wedding. Your procrastination might have led you to even gain a few more pounds by that point with all of the stress of the planning you've been doing. Therefore, my first point is PLANNING. Set a realistic goal such as losing one pound of body fat every 1-2 weeks. This is very realistic. You can achieve this by creating a caloric deficit each day. You can do this by decreasing the number of calories taken in and by increasing the number of calories burned. If you eat 400 calories less and burn 300 calories more per day, you have just created a 700 calorie per day deficit. Over a 7 day period, that is 3500 calories which is equal to one pound of body fat. A 700 calorie per day deficit is not hard to achieve. Just have some Splenda and skim milk in your latte and that's probably good for 250 calories right there. 30 minutes at a moderate pace on the Elliptical Crosstrainer is good for another 300+ calories.

My second point that will ensure your success is CREATING A LOG of your nutrition and exercise. This will create accountability and keep you on track. Wether you are working out with a Personal Trainer, or are taking on the fat-loss game alone, the journal is important. Not only does the journal open up your eyes to the quantities and food choices that you are making, it also makes you accountable to yourself or the Personal trainer that is helping you reach your fitness goals. You don’t have to carry the journal under your arm all day long. 

What I recommend to all of my clients is to leave it on your nightstand next to your bed and spend 10 minutes recapping everything you ate that day. Once you're finished, take a look at the day and think to yourself how you’d like to do it differently the next day. Or, what could you change to improve your comsumption the next day. This is also a good time to plan where you’re going to be and what food will be available where you are. That will help you make smart choices that day and not get caught up starving at the McDonald’s drive-thru. Also, doing this at night before falling asleep, will actually help you relax as it will distract your mind from all other things that went on during the day. Additionally, it will put your subconscious mind to work throughout the night on how to improve your food intake the next day.

Remember, start early and stick to your plan because you know those last couple of weeks prior to the wedding will be full of stress and last minute headaches that will demand your attention. If you're almost at your fitness goal by that point, you'll really wantto finish losing that last pound or two instead of just giving into the stress eating and anxiety.

There you will find a very detailed manual to walk you through the challenge you are about to embark on. It will give you nutritional guidance as well as workout plans and strategies.

Good luck and Congratulations!