self help how to love yourself

 What Self Love Really Means

Self love is one of those concepts that I struggled with. Not that I didn’t know intellectually what it means to love yourself, but I couldn’t wrap my brain around the practical application of this concept. What are you supposed to do, hug yourself? Make, ahem, love to yourself? When people say “love yourself better than anyone else can”, it just wasn’t computing for me. Of course I love myself more than anyone else can, I thought. I’m with myself 24-7-365, who loves me better than I do?

self help how to love yourself

Well one night, I had an epiphany on the meaning of self love. To love yourself simply means that you give your best efforts to yourself first. That doesn’t mean I wait until I have company to clean my house or wait until I’m in a serious relationship to learn how to cook; I do those things for myself and give to myself a higher level of care than I would to others.

It also means:

I love yourself enough that I don’t subject myself to a cluttered, dirty environment

I take care of my body - I feed it nutritious foods that make it feel good and I work out to keep everything running in optimal condition; I also have adequate energy and feel happy from the hormones that are released from working out

I look my best because it makes me feel good to look the best that I can, and I take pride in how I look, not for the attention of other people

I do the things I enjoy to make myself happy

I get my finances together to alleviate the worry in my own life and I do more for myself and fulfill the plans that I have through my finances

I honor the time I give to others at work by handling my finances properly

The biggest part that links all of these is discipline. I sacrifice the instant gratification of being lazy, just throwing on anything, not being prepared and spending whatever I want. I take the longer, harder route of telling myself no upfront and getting into the habit of telling myself no, so that I can stick to my budget and my plans. Later I will have what I want and a life that runs smoothly. That is part of self love also. I can get more done, reach more goals faster, when I’m happy, healthy, and in love with myself first.

What is your definition of self love? How do you implement this into your daily life?

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