Should I take glutamine supplements?

 Should I take glutamine supplements?

Glutamine is one of the most common supplements to take however most people miss this opportunity.  The more popular supplements like creatine get more attention from people; however they underestimate the importance of glutamine supplements. Any serious bodybuilder should strongly consider glutamine.

Should I take glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid, a building block of protein. In fact almost 61% of your skeletal body contains glutamine. You acquire glutamine by eating protein such as milk and meat. The average person consumes about 4-8 grams of glutamine per day from high protein foods. However this glutamine supply in your body is severely depleted when you are training hard or experiencing stress or illness. You body cannot keep up by creating more glutamine and you start to lose strength, stamina and recovery. It can take up to a week to regain your glutamine levels back to normal.

Should I take glutamine supplements?

Thus the answer is yes, you should take glutamine when you are training hard in order to prevent illness and improve recovery.

What can glutamine supplements do for you?

When you exercise glutamine starts to leave the muscles, and leads to muscle dehydration. When your muscles are dehydrated they won’t recover as fast. Having increased amounts of glutamine levels leads to greater cell hydration and in turn better protein synthesis which means your muscles recover faster and you get more gains.

A great effect of glutamine is that is has the property of anti-catabolism. What this means is that it decreases the breakdown of muscle tissue. This is great for people in the “cutting” phase as you will break down fat instead of losing muscle.

Glutamine also plays a big role in protein metabolism which means protein has a greater effect on your body and glutamine also increases the release of the human growth hormone. Studies have been done and it was shown that taking just 2 grams of L-Glutamine can increase the human growth hormone by a staggering 400%! Human growth hormone is very important to increase muscle gains.

Glutamine is especially useful because it helps increase the effectiveness of your immune system. Bodybuilders lose a lot of glutamine when training leaving them susceptible to illness. This is where glutamine helps to restore your immune system, helping your maintain your health and protect against illness.

When and how should I take glutamine?

Glutamine is best taken in the morning, after your workout and just before bed time. You should take about 10-15 grams of L-Glutamine a day. Divide the portions equally and take about 5 grams per serving. You will also get glutamine in various other supplements especially protein supplements so make sure you do not end up taking in too much glutamine as that may not be good for you.

Should I take glutamine supplements?

Glutamine is very safe to take as it has almost no side effects and it is after all created naturally by your body.

Bottom line

Glutamine should be taken before your consider any other supplement such as creatine. Glutamine is very affordable and will give you great benefits - Faster recovery and faster gains. As always supplements are always just an add-on, make sure you get in whole foods such as vegetables, fruits and protein.

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