Spiritual Diver's Code

 Spiritual Diver's Code

Why do people travel at all There are two types of people some are trying to run away from something, others to find something. I am one of those who seek, and this journey has a spiritual, scientific and research nature, so I have highlighted the basic rules and tips that must be adhered to.

Spiritual Diver's Code

1. Live the present

Don't fuss and don't panic. Learn to listen to yourself and trust your intuition, recognize your feelings. Wherever you are, you are where you should be. Your decision determines your location, so it must be correct.

2. Do not compare

Do not compare anything neither people, nor the quality of life, not the level of intelligence. You are not traveling to prove that you are better. Get to know the lives of others and find what you can learn from them.

3. Plan, but don't try to travel the world in one month

It is better to stay for five days in one city and immerse yourself in the culture as much as possible than to visit five cities in a week. Remember that any journey requires preparation exploring the countries of destination, routes, visas, vaccinations, tickets, etc.

4. Travel is an adventure

A spontaneous decision to wander through unfamiliar lanes and feel freedom, far better than feeling obligated to visit a crowded tourist destination.

5. Be open, smile and interact

The best guides are locals, they know everything and are proud of their city. People are ready to help more than harm if you smile. Do not forget to listen to people, and realize that everyone understands you. The people you meet create the paradise you find.

6. Take your essentials with you

Before each journey, make sure to pack the correct state of mind and soul. The list of things should correspond to your most essential needs. Study in advance the weather and other features of the host country.

7. Travel alone (preferably)

For maximum privacy and distraction from the familiar world in which you live, it is better to go on such trips alone. Spiritual development presupposes complete immersion in oneself and connection with oneself.

8. Realize the importance of travel

You are going in order to walk the spiritual path yourself, and to confirm the theory in practice. Learn theory, set goals, and be ready to experiment.

9. Experiment on yourself

Learn from the original sources. Respect tradition and discipline methodology, but follow all instructions as a scientist. Make every effort to fully immerse yourself in the practice of theological schools.

10. Use scientific research methods

Empirically observe the events taking place in and around you. Let events flow according to your logic, without any resistance.

11. Fix

Lead a report, objectively displaying what is happening from the scene. Interview monks, teachers, school followers and locals. If possible, back up all this with photos and videos.

12. Pass on knowledge

Analyze and summarize the information received. Indicate misconceptions and deviations from the original meaning of the techniques. Develop a simple, effective technique and practice.

13. Develop wisdom

Using philosophical tools, read, think, and contemplate. Strive for Truth and realize your destiny. Determine the right intention, cultivate kindness and love for all living things.

14. Develop morality

We are what we eat, say and do. Therefore, speech, behavior and lifestyle must be correct. All this is described in the scriptures of almost all religions speak the truth, do not kill, do not steal, avoid debauchery and intoxicating means.

15. Grow spiritually.

Make an effort and become aware of your being, your true nature, through the practice of concentration, meditation and contemplation, directed inward. Become aware of your own body, sensations and mind, in order to achieve continuous awareness. Develop a concentration of ultimate contemplation aimed at liberation from suffering.

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