stretch marks from bodybuilding

 Why do I get stretch marks from bodybuilding?

Being a serious bodybuilder you may run into the problem of getting stretch marks from bulking up too fast. Stretch marks are formed when your muscles increase at such a rapid growth that your skin cannot keep up with repairing the tissue leaving reddish purple marks on the skin. In severe cases you will see parallel lines across the stretch area almost like claw scratches. Stretch marks can also occur in people that gain fat too fast.

stretch marks from bodybuilding

You should actually congratulate yourself when you got stretch marks. This is wonderful for a bodybuilder because it means you are serious about getting big. You are doing something right, many bodybuilders will envy your growth.

Where do stretch marks appear?

Stretch marks tend to appear near the pec or delt tie in area the most. This is the area where your pecs connect to your arms. Other prime spots can be your biceps, triceps and shoulders.

How do I get rid of stretch marks?

Having stretch marks can be a bit embarrassing. And you are most probably reading this article to get rid of them. The best way however is to prevent getting them. Make sure you get in enough minerals and multi-vitamins especially vitamin E. Vitamin E helps repair and protect the skin and protect against skin cancer. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant which prevents ageing of the skin.

You can also try and bulk up slower in a more controlled manor. This will give your skin time to heal itself and prevent stretch marks. However this is your decision, there is nothing wrong with bulking up fast.

When you already have stretch marks there are few things you can do. Some bodybuilders find that when they rub in some vitamin E lotion it helps increases the speed of healing. You can also try using some tan lotion to hide the stretch marks and blend them in. Do not run off to the beach or clinic and get a natural tan. This is a major cause of skin ageing, skin damaging and eventually skin cancer.

You really should not worry too much about your stretch marks. Remember you are a bodybuilder; this is very likely to happen. It will go away and life will go on. Focus on the great success of growth rather than focussing on the stretch marks.

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