Take Some Time For Love

 Take Some Time For Love

The other day, I was having a ‘moment’. I have this huge mirror on my dresser, and as I was getting dressed, I was standing in front of it. I remarked to myself that my skin felt really soft, then my eyes caught sight of my reflection in the mirror. And I was really happy with what I saw. I smiled at myself, took a few moments to bask in that happy feeling, and then kept it moving.

Take Some Time For Love

Its important to note to you that I’m not perfect. I have stretch marks, rolls of body fat, acne scars, I can stand to lose about 30 pounds and I only have one dimple. But I love my body. The more I take the time to love it, the better I feel about myself and the more I enjoy the person I’m growing into. I don’t just love my body when I’m wearing a fly outfit or some Spanxx. I love it when I’m naked, when I’m clothed, when I’m laying in bed and even when I feel kinda fat. I love exactly what I have and even though it’d be nice to have a flatter stomach, I don’t beat myself up about it. I have strengths and weaknesses just like every other woman but this bundle of flesh is uniquely my own.

Getting older is alot of fun. I didn’t anticipate enjoying my days this much. One reason I looked forward to turning 30 was gaining the strong sense of self that older women seem to have. I’ve never seen a friend who’s over 30 apologize for who she is, what she wants and the choices she’s made. I didn’t really understand what it means to love yourself until I stopped comparing myself to others, stopped reaching for some ideal of what I should be or what I should look like, and just appreciated who I am, what I like and my potential as it stands.

Its so freeing to live outside of the self-consciousness, worry what others think of you and thoughts of whether or not you’re making the right decisions. When you’re the authority on you,  you don’t have to rely on others, its all you. You set the tone for your life and you control your own mission as the CEO of You.

Yeah, I’m feelin’ myself, and I hope you’re feelin’ yourself too. We’re wonderful, beautiful beings with the chance to have, be or do anything. Doesn’t that just make you feel good? =)

Tamyka Washington says:

I must agree, when I turned 30 it seemed like I immediately became a different woman. I don’t know if it was just knowing that my 20′s were over and a whole new phase of my life was beginning.

Even though my body is not what it used to be, I’m more confident NOW than I have ever been because like you said, I truly love myself for who I am and who I have become.

Thanks for sharing this post and giving us all a moment to reflect!

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