Take Time For Small Moments

It seems like the more productive I am, the less sleep I get. I have a tendency that the more things I do, the more my brain is working, solving puzzles and answering questions. It used to be that as the gears turned in my mind, I felt like my mind wouldn’t let me rest and I could almost feel my brain working. But now I’ve become adept at turning off the noise and being able to sleep when I need to.

Take Time For Small Moments

But during those busy times of brain activity, honestly I don’t want to turn it off. I want it to keep going, I love the feeling of activity and productivity. I thrive off of constructive action, progress and growth. So to feel my mind being busy as its taking place gives me energy, strengthens my resolve and renews my excitement for my goals.

More Than Just Smelling Roses

But its in the quiet moments where all movement has stopped, and I can take a breath and be still and be silent, that I get even more benefit. There is an indescribable feeling of bliss in feeling how small I am and how immense the Universe is, and how I’m just one being in it. Now if my old self had had that same thought, that would’ve freaked me out. But now I understand much better how I fit into the flow of life and how to better utilize my resources to create change. Its in those quiet moments as I’m laying in bed, or writing in my journal, or meditating, that I can feel change moving toward me. I can feel that forward movement, that great things are coming my way, even as I’m being still. And I love feeling the deliciousness of that moment, and that hopeful anticipation of the change to come, while at the same time taking time to appreciate the present and what’s happening right now.

We are sometimes not fully satisfied with our current situations. But I look at it like this: the ‘now’ that I’m currently in, is a manifestation of my previous thoughts and hopes. This ‘now’ is the hopeful anticipation that I was waiting for before. It may not be perfect, but just knowing that my thoughts – whether good or bad – created the things that now surround me. And in each moment, my current thoughts are creating the things I can feel that are moving toward me. I feel immensely grateful in those moments where I stop and relish that realization. Those thoughts make an imperfect now even better. Pretty soon ‘now’ will be just a memory anyway.

So tell me my Motivated CEOs and Boss Ladies, how often do you stop to smell your roses? How often do you appreciate exactly where you are in the current moment? Its helpful to remember that even roses have thorns, yet we can enjoy their fragrance and their beauty regardless of the threat.

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