take your vision farther

take your vision farther

There’s something to be said for the power of your vision.

We often don’t believe that we can accomplish a goal, because we simply can’t see ourselves doing it. But the visions you have for your future can take you from the realm of wishes to tangible, achievable goals. This is especially important when you have a burning desire that others call impossible to achieve. Call it wishful thinking, call it daydreaming, but whatever you call it, visualizing your goals can be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

From Vision To Reality

I always had a passion for flashin’ Before I had it

I closed my eyes and imagined, the good life

~ Kanye West, Good Life

You may not be a Kanye fan but his lyrics are a great example of my point. In his songs, he talks about how he used to work at The Gap, lived at home with his mom and was so poor that he and his girlfriend had to split the buffet at KFC. Yet he’s one of the most popular (and, admittedly, controversial) artists out today; he’s won 12 Grammy awards and has his own label, which is home to Common, Kid Cudi and John Legend. You may think his rise to fame was largely a product of luck, but I beg to differ. He was on his grind and made things happen for himself, but during those dark, lean days, he held his vision in his mind long enough to get him to each next step.

take your vision farther

This example is a great template for us to follow. One thing I love about having a vision and visiting it frequently is it helps you get really clear about what you want. You also get a strong picture of how that dream actually looks in real life. For example, its one thing to say ‘I wanna lose 30 pounds’ but then you keep eating McDonald’s. When you start visualizing yourself living a healthier lifestyle – cooking and eating healthy foods, working out, drinking water, etc – it becomes more real, more tangible, more doable for you. You also begin to see a slimmer version of yourself, and you anticipate in your mind the benefits that will come from reaching this goal. Isn’t that much better than beating yourself up for eating those fries or skipping the gym?

Once you make your vision a part of your daily life, then you can expand it. Why not lose 30 pounds and become a personal trainer as your side hustle? Or learn how to sell workout gear on Ebay? The beauty of expanding your vision is that you already see how it works, and expansion is just a few steps away from that. Just add more pictures to the ones you already have in your mind, and voila!

I find the best time for visualization to be an hour or two after work, but maybe an hour before I go to bed. You may find that another time suits you better. When I need to strengthen my resolve about reaching my goals, or get clearer about what I want to accomplish, I turn off the lights, lay on the couch, and just visualize for as long as it feels good to me. I see myself writing the books I want to write; I see the family life I want to have, the house I want to live in, the body I want to have. I’m actively seeing, touching, and participating in achieving my goals. I put as much detail as I can in these visions, and I can see how some ideas will work and some don’t. Its like my own movie where I’m the star, and I choose the supporting characters, the plot, and the subplot. 

The fun part is when those scenes start playing out in real life – and trust me, they really do! The more you visit your vision and the more detail you give it, the closer your life starts to conform to that vision. You see yourself eating crunchy, fresh salads, and you start eating crunchy, fresh salads. You see yourself on the treadmill in cute workout clothes, and that urge comes up for you when its time to hit the gym. And when your muscles are in pain, you really don’t feel like cooking a nutritious dinner, or some other obstacle comes your way, you can revisit your vision in your mind and see your slimmer self doing those things you want to lose weight and do, like buy smaller, flirty clothes, take salsa lessons or soak up the sun in a cute bikini. Use the power of visual images to motivate you to keep going.

Its Just Between You and You

You don’t have to share your vision of your dreams with anyone. Its all in your mind, and to protect yourself from naysayers and well-meaning loved ones who don’t understand, just keep it to yourself if necessary. When someone unintentionally tries to derail you, just go bathing suit shopping in your mind. Or imagine a juicy, delicious peach and how it’d taste so much better than the high-calorie snack that’s in front of you. Do what Kanye says, close your eyes and imagine. Then take the steps you need to take to make those visions real. Its better to hold that vision and make results happen – people tend to be quiet when you’re succeeding. And its hard for you to believe that you can’t have or do something that someone else is saying is impossible, when you can clearly see the possibilities in your own mind.

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