The importance of keeping a workout log

The importance of keeping a workout log

Most of us try and work out mostly every day or at least a few times per week, however asking most people what they weighed a few months back; they won’t be able to give you an answer. How fast and by how much did they improve? If they even improved at all? This is like pinching you eyes shut and hoping you have money left in your bank account after spending like crazy.

The importance of keeping a workout log

What should I be keeping logs of?

Keeping a workout log for your workout especially if you are a bodybuilder is a very motivational tool, having a workout log can increase your gains and motivation substantially. You can see exactly how you progressed, what you ate and where you went wrong.

Body log

The most important log is your body measurements. You should buy yourself a measuring tape and start measuring your waist, should width, chest, biceps, legs etc. You should also be writing down your weight and height. Have a body log, you can physically see the transformations happening and which body parts need work. Another good idea is to take photographs and compare them to older ones.

Nutrient log

Keeping a log of what you eat is second most important, for some people this can be considered the most important thing to monitor. You will need to note down what you eat, when you eat it and how much of it you ate. It is a good idea to write down each food’s protein, carbohydrate and fat intake. Knowing this you can keep track of your protein and carbohydrate needs. If you are on a diet this is crucial information.

Exercise log

Being stuck on the same weights makes one feel nothing is happening. That is why it is important to keep track of your exercises and what weight you can lift in each exercise. Knowing this you can push yourself a little harder each time to increase in strength and size. You should be writing down how heavy the weight is you used how many reps and sets you completed and how long it took you.

Cardio should also be logged, write down your heart rate, the time you did the exercise and the intensity of the exercise.

If you are serious in seeing improvements fast there is no doubt in my mind that when you keep a workout journal you will see substantial gains in your strength, growth and health. It even gets fun in the end as you can see how you progress. The proof is definitely in the pudding.

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