the real reason why your business will fail

the real reason why your business will fail

We are living in uncertain financial times. The economic climate here in the US has been tense and rocky for the past few years. I have brilliant friends who’ve been unemployed and underemployed for at least a year. The forecast for our nation’s recovery isn’t promising, as everyone has said “things will get worse before they get better”.

the real reason why your business will fail

Consumers are now bombarded with more advertising and more businesses are competing for the average person’s time and attention. And they all have more money, more resources and a deeper understanding of your market than you do.

There’s one simple, evergreen reason why you won’t be successful. Its the same thing that holds every business owner, professional, hell anyone who’s trying something new – this reason holds all of us back.

If you are not successful in your business, its because you don’t have the confidence to succeed.

Most new business owners eat, sleep and breathe their new business. We email all our friends, make sure our families know what we do and we spend every waking moment thinking about and learning new skills for our business. We attend networking events, connect on conference calls and pick the brains of others who’ve been in our shoes.

But all that research and effort won’t give you confidence.

If you don’t believe, with everything that’s in you, that you’ll be successful and you deserve success, it ain’t happening.


When I’m not confident about something, I don’t believe that I’m up to snuff in whatever area I’m in. In the dating world I may not believe I can compete with all the other single, attractive women. In academia, I might believe that the other smart, ambitious students will earn higher grades than me, which will result in them getting better jobs. This same phenomena means that in business, I don’t feel like I can do as good a job as those around me in the same field.

the real reason why your business will fail

Well, honestly, you can’t. Because you’re not competing with the other businesses around you. Your main competition is yourself. Other businesses don’t cause you to hide your brilliance from your customers or clients. You do that when you sell yourself short, when you refuse to think of yourself as an expert, when you’re reluctant to connect the dots between your experience, your strengths and your customers’ needs.

Other businesses may have better marketing plans, a bigger advertising budget or more customers who connect. But they don’t have you.

We each have something unique and valuable to offer to the marketplace. But time and time again, a person who doesn’t fully believe in themselves or their capabilities will unintentionally self-sabotage and hold themselves back from the success they deserve.


The only way to become confident in your business success is through changing your mindset. You can either remind yourself, over and over until it sticks, that you’re worthy of the success you’re striving for. You’re supposed to succeed and reach every goal you’re working toward, yet so often people don’t really believe that. They’re comfortable right where they are so they subconsciously are uncomfortable and doubtful that they should be on a higher level.

Until you see yourself and truly believe that you should be somewhere else, gaining new customers and generating more sales will not help. Because you’ll just push those customers and those opportunities away, because in your mind you shouldn’t have them.

I like to remind myself of my unique strengths and skills as often as possible. I joke that I’m tooting my own horn, but its really a technique that I use to bolster my self-confidence. I can’t let thoughts of doubt and uncertainty creep into my mind, when I’m constantly telling myself how great I am.

After all, a belief is simply a thought that you think over and over again, until you think its true.

Don’t believe me? Then try it out for yourself. Make a list of your strengths, talents and skills, and remind yourself as much as you possibly can of what you have to contribute to the world. After a month of daily reminders, if you can honestly say that you don’t feel more confident, then I’ll retract my theory and start from scratch.

If there’s anyone who deserves success, then its you. Don’t sell yourself short when you’re worthy of the best. We’re all people, we all put our pants on the same way (as my best friend would say). The biggest thing that separates you from the successful person you’re comparing yourself to is confidence.

Don’t hold yourself back from your time to shine.

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