The Sexy Athlete: Sochi Olympics Observations

 The Sexy Athlete: Sochi Olympics Observations

For the past few days I have enjoyed watching the Sochi Winter Olympics. Watching these athletes perform miraculous feats of strength, elegance, and acrobatics that I could only imagine is awe-inspiring. However, there is something else I have begun to take notice of outside of the athletics. The attractiveness. Nearly every girl flashed up on the screen is extremely attractive to me. There have been a few exceptions, but even those athletes we’re attractive to others, I’m sure. So this inspires my imagination to wonder why this is the case. Here are some theories for you:

The Sexy Athlete: Sochi Olympics Observations

Could easily be an ad for any major clothing manufacturer.

1. Attractive Media Sells Better

Media outlets will always provide select shots and scenes for a variety of reasons. A shot can be cut because it is uninteresting, bad footage, wrong angle, or because it just won’t boost the numbers as well. There are many tricks used to entice you into watching TV and to keep watching it. I know for myself, if while flipping through channels, I see a sexy athlete in a bikini that I’m most likely going to stop and look at it. Male ape behavior at it’s finest. Theory one is that the attractive people are put on TV because it will lead to better ratings and more viewers, hence, more ad dollars. (Yes, I realize Duck Dynasty destroys this theory, but that works for other reasons).

2. When You Become Successful You Become Attractive

Success is extremely attractive on many levels. Heck, look at the sugar daddies who are far past their prime with Perfect 10 models. Monetary success is very attractive to many. So to can be athletic success. I’m attracted to people who are at the pinnacle of their sport. It fascinates me and I love that we chase similar pursuits day in and day out. I see myself in these people and in some ways would like to be them in my way. I like a girl who can handle herself, push herself to her limits, and has passion. All of this is found in the sexy athletes at the Olympics.

3. Attractive People Get More Opportunities

Several studies are available on the topic of whether or not attractive people get more opportunities. David Hammersch has a book titled: Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful. The research suggests that attractive people get hired sooner, promoted quicker, sell more, and a bank loan more easily. It’s hard to deny some of the ways in which attractive people can sometimes get more opportunities. However, at the end of the day we are responsible for creating our own luck.

4. In Subjective Judging, Attraction May Play a Role

The Winter Olympics features more subjective sports as compared to the Summer Olympics. This means that human judgement and opinion play a major role in who gets to go and who doesn’t. This begs the questions, if you have two athletes who have the same runs down the mountain in every way and you’re more attracted to one compared to the other, which one would you pick for the Olympics? I know we’d all like to say we’d be as honest and fair as possible, but that more than likely isn’t the case.

5. They Are Just That Damn Good

I think that no matter what, this definitely plays some type of role. These athletes are immensely talented and work tirelessly for years upon years to get to the upper level of the sport. This should not be overlooked.

Always in Stride,

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