The Weight Loss Mindset

How To Re-program Your Mind For Losing Weight

A large number of people when starting out with weight loss seem to go down the same route and follow similar patterns of behaviour which eventually leads to them quitting. They begin with the best intentions and feel pumped about losing the weight, but it only lasts for a short while. They haven;t developed their weight loss mindset yet, so…

The crash diet begins

What happens is, they begin crash dieting which involves not eating anything and starving themselves of the food they would normally eat, they opt for something like a salad, believing that this will suffice and they will be in amazing shape in no time.

The Weight Loss Mindset

However, they haven’t created a diet plan, they haven’t thought about a workout plan and more importantly they haven’t even considered their current thought process which are designed to sabotage their success if not re-programmed properly.

So after a couple of hours, maybe even a day if they’re being fueled by willpower, they will start to flake, their mind kicks in and craves sugary, fatty foods. Eventually you give in and you go back to your old eating habits and your weight remains exactly the same.

What actually motivates you?

Before you can even think about losing weight and dieting, you need to understand what motivates you, what you are emotionally driven by that will get you to follow through with exercising and eating well, without a negative thought entering your mind.

All you need to do to get started, is take 5 minutes to write down every reason why you want to lose weight. Really think about why you have to lose this weight, what it will do for your love life, your health, your energy levels, your social life… everything. Start with something like “I will lose this weight because…” After you have your list, it’s time to look at your associations with food.

Your associations with food & exercise

People tend to believe that willpower alone will stop them from craving and wanting the naughtier foods we all know and love, like cream cakes, sweets, pizzas etc – they just taste so damn good and they’re comforting right?

The reason certain foods may seem comforting and why you want them so much is because you have associated positive thoughts and feelings when eating them. Meaning you NEED to eat these types of food to FEEL good again, even if they actually make you feel bloated and sickly afterwards.

The Weight Loss Mindset

The same goes for exercising, we all know that once we’ve finished exercising, we feel incredible and full of energy, but the thought of actually doing it is too much to handle sometimes, it’s far easier to just… well skip it.

So what do you need to do?

Simple, you have to create new thoughts that motivate you, that empower you to take action and stop yourself from sitting on your butt or picking up those sweets in the supermarket.

How to re-program your mind?

Below are the steps you must take to re-program your mind and banish your negative thoughts by replacing them with more positive ones:

  1. Take your list of motivational reasons for losing weight which you did above and turn those into affirmations which you WILL read every day (in the morning) out loud. Make sure they are written in the positive tense and as if you have ALREADY achieved them. So for example; “I weigh xxlbs and feel amazing for it” or “My body is slim, toned and sexy”.
  2. Select images of the body you want to have and how much weight you will lose, put this on your fridge or somewhere obvious, so you can’t miss it.
  3. Commit yourself to eating healthier foods and write down a promise that you will keep you from touching bad foods. Say something like “I promise I will not eat sweets or snack on crisps unless it’s on a cheat day, if I do I must eat a tub of full fat butter”.

The thought of eating a tub of full fat butter should put you off, if it doesn’t then think of a food that you absolutely hate and use that, really picture yourself vividly eating this food because you broke your promise, this should keep you on track.

So there you have it, some very easy ways to re-program your mind so you increase your chances of actually losing the weight you want. Now listen, you have to put these methods into practice if you want to see any change.

Just reading them and not trying them out, will do nothing… so start using them today!

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