Top 5 sacrifices when bodybuilding

The top 5 things bodybuilders sacrifice

Top 5 sacrifices when bodybuilding

Bodybuilding can be very beneficial for your physical and mental health. You will get stronger and healthier, become very self-disciplined and gain mass amounts of confidence. But you have surely heard the phrase before “no pain no gain”. This is not only true physically. Bodybuilding can be difficult at some times and there are quite a few things that bodybuilders sacrifice in order to succeed.

1 - Food

Giving up eating junk food and enjoying barbeques and burgers etc is difficult to do. However its essential in order build your body to eat correctly. You will need to eat a lot of protein and avoid unnecessary fats and unhealthy foods. It can be a really big sacrifice when your friends invite you to go out with them for lunch and you have to decline or stare at them eating. But it’s all worth it when you see the results and they get jealous.

You can still get away with eating anything you want now and then when in off season but take it too far and you will sabotage your success.

2 - Money

This is something most bodybuilders don’t realize at first but bodybuilding can be pretty costly. You have to eat a lot of meats and this can become very expensive fast. Supplements are even more expensive and you can waste your money when taking these in the wrong way. Then we get to gym fees and gym clothing which all add up. Bodybuilding can be really expensive. But you can’t put a price of being healthy and following your dream I guess.

3 - Time

Bodybuilding can take a lot of your time daily. You have to work out about an hour to 2 a day and this doesn’t even include the time to get ready. You have to make time to prepare meals and supplements. Timing plays a big role in bodybuilding. It’s not all bad though, if you enjoy it and you have goals its fun, besides as you progress you will start to improve on your time management. In no time you won’t even realize it takes time much time.

4 - Pain and exhaustion

Bodybuilding can really takes its toll on your body. You can sometimes feel defeated and tired. You get pain from work outs, muscle aches and tiredness. The routine can also get you down when practising a tough diet and workout schedule. This is all part of the plan to success though. The only way to succeed is to push through it.

5 - Relationships

Being a bodybuilder and being in a relationship can be difficult sometimes. It depends if your girlfriend or wife is understanding. If you manage to find someone that can go to gym with you it would be best. Bodybuilding takes a lot of time away from friends, family and partners and you have to choose your diets and times carefully, you can sometimes have really hard times with people. You need to learn to say no to your friends wanting to hang out in bars and drink etc.  Sometimes it’s best to just go at it on your own until you succeed or find someone that fits into the puzzle.

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