Top reasons to workout as a couple

 Top reasons to workout as a couple

Top reasons to workout as a couple

Next to an intense cardio workout, very few things in life get your heart pumping like the closeness of a lover. But why not combine the two, and bulk up in the process? Scientific studies have shown that getting in better shape with your partner can make your relationship stronger, and increase the likelihood that you will reach your weight loss goals. But if that isn't enough incentive for you then you should consider the following tips to make working out together just another element of your relationship.

1 - Accountability

Couples working outYou won't believe how motivated you will be when your significant other is bugging you to get off the couch. When you and your partner are both interested in getting fit you will be able to plan meals together and kick each others' butt at the gym. No one is more likely to derail or support your fitness efforts like a significant other, so getting them on board is a big deal!

2 - Every workout is automatically a date

Instead of planning to spend the evening bingeing on fast food and booze, couples who workout together can plan dates into their workouts. Pack up your gym bags, blend up a smoothie packed with protein supplements, grab a couple pieces of fruit, and you have yourself a post workout picnic. Just don't forget to make the smoothie for two.

3 - Share in an experience

Whether you are both working out to gain mass or lose weight, transforming your body together can be an incredible experience - an experience worth sharing with your significant other. Don't be surprised by the quirky things you learn about, or how much time you spend researching all of your muscle building necessities on sites like

4 - And of course, it's just sexy.

Watching your lady work hard and sweating in flattering workout clothing can get even the most focused guy all worked up, which will come in handy later on in the evening. You can also look forward to the post-workout shower together to finish off your evening.

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