Training when sick, good or bad?

Training when sick, good or bad?

There is nothing worse than waking up with a sore throat and knowing, damn I’m sick. This especially sucks when you are busy with your training routine and cannot afford to stop. The question is now; can you train while you are sick or should you just wait it out?

Should we train when sick?

This all depends on what kind of sickness you have developed. I have gone training many times when I was sick and I actually didn’t find it so bad, I actually recovered much faster than I would have sitting on the couch at home feeling sorry for myself. Having something more serious like flu is another story though.

In general if your symptoms are above the neck, like a runny nose, headache, coughing you can continue training; however you should train a bit differently. You should not exhaust yourself, take it easy, feeling that your headache or coughing is getting worse, rather stop and try again tomorrow. Having symptoms below the neck, like chest tightness or having a high fever, you should take more consideration as to go training or not. Especially having a chest infection can become dangerous when your training is too intense and can prevent fast recovery. You can still go train but take it very slow, rest at least 3 minutes between each exercise and stop when you feel even slightly bad. It might be wiser to completely stop training until you recovered when you have a serious illness.

Benefits of training while sick

Yes, there are actually benefits of training when sick. Because your body is being flushed with antibodies you will actually be slightly stronger when training. You will be able to lift more, however your endurance will be a lot lower. So do not over exert yourself.

Training when sick can also help you recover faster as you will be sweating out most toxins and get your blood flowing to help increase the spread of antibodies to help fight the disease.

Lastly, taking a stand and showing the sickness that you are the boss will give you a mental boost to heal faster. Sitting at home sobbing and feeling depressed has a negative effect on your body and you will take longer to recover. This has been proven over and over. It’s the same where depression can make you physically sick. So get out of bed and go training (if you feel up to it)

So just to recap, you can continue training if don’t feel too bad, take it careful and don’t force anything, and I hope you get better soon.

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