understanding your cholesterol results

cholesterol tests results explained

It's not new that the risks of high cholesterol are not good. But do we all really understand when the cholesterol results are explained to us Not many people do understand all the numbers and letters on a cholesterol test even when the doctor is explaining it to us. Typically, what you hear is either that you have good or bad cholesterol levels. Generally, people think of cholesterol as one thing, not a mixture of elements. There is more than one type of cholesterol. You can have high cholesterol without it being dangerous, depending on the type. Learning more about cholesterol can help you understand this important aspect of your health better.

understanding your cholesterol results

1. What is Good Cholesterol?

The good cholesterol is HDL. HDL is high-density lipoproteins. It has protective effects on the heart. HDL transports bad cholesterol from the blood to the liver where it is processed for removal from the body. You want a high number for HDL when cholesterol results are explained to you. You can increase your good cholesterol by exercising, eating healthy fat like olive oil, losing weight, and not smoking. You want HDL numbers of 60 mgdL or higher.

2. What is Bad Cholesterol?

Your bad cholesterol is LDL. The LDL is low-density lipoproteins. Bad cholesterol has negative effects on the heart and increases the risk for heart disease. This type of cholesterol causes plaque build-up and this is where you want the low number when cholesterol results are explained to you. You can lower your LDL by losing extra body fat and decreasing amounts of saturated fatty acids in your diet. You can also limit animal fats and protein you eat and replace them with healthier plant oils and proteins. You want a LDL level of 100 mgdL or lower.

3. What are Triglycerides?

There is yet another type of fat in your bloodstream. Triglycerides are also a determining factor when cholesterol results explained to you are read. Triglycerides are stored in the fat cells throughout your body. They are associated with heart disease and a lower number is better. You can lower triglycerides by losing extra body fat, eating less sugar, and exercising more. You want a number lower than 150 mgdL.

4. Is the Bottom Line to Have Low Cholesterol?

When it is time to see your test results and have your cholesterol results explained, you do want to have low cholesterol. High cholesterol is bad for your overall health and can lead to heart disease. You want your cholesterol to be low, but average numbers are not bad. The numbers of your HDL, LDL, and triglycerides all added together will determine your overall cholesterol. You ideally want the number of your total blood cholesterol to be less than 200 mgdL. Borderline is 200 -239 mgdL. High-risk cholesterol is 240 mgdL and above.

The next time you have your cholesterol results explained to you, they should make more sense. Ask about your specific HDL, LDL, and triglyceride numbers so that you have a more accurate picture of what your tallied number means. You want to maintain your good cholesterol higher than your bad cholesterol. You have to eat right to cut the risk of high cholesterol and keep a healthy balance in your diet. With your new understanding, you may not get the glazed over look in your eyes the next time your doctor explains your cholesterol test results to you.

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