Warming up for bench press

 Warming up for bench press

Warming up for bench press

The bench press is the most famous exercise in the gym. It’s the first exercise all guys start out to do to test their strength. However this exercise can be dangerous and you can injure your shoulders or something worse when you do it wrong or without proper warm up.

How should I warm up for bench press?

Doing bench presses puts a lot of weight on your pectoral muscles and these muscles are linked to your shoulders. When your pecs fail to lift the weight you tend to place the weights on your shoulders and doing this can injure them. You do not have to concentrate much on this but do some shoulder rotations by swinging your arms in circles or just your shoulders alone. Just to get the joints moving and slightly warming up.

To get the most out of the warming up your chest you will have to start with light weights. First you will need to know what the maximum load is that you can lift doing bench presses. If you know what your previous best lift was you can use this weight number.

What you need to do is take half that weight and start lifting using that weight. So if you could lift 100 pounds previously, you will start warming up using 50 pounds. You will need to do 12 reps using this weight. Take is slow and do the complete full motion and the best range you can do to ensure you completely target your whole chest. Rest for 1 minute after each set. Take the same weight and do 10 reps.

Next you will take a heavier weight, 60% of what you maximum rep was. Now do 6 reps.  Now take 80 % of what you will lift and do 3 reps, then 90% 1 rep.

It’s time to bench press!

Now you will be all warmed up and ready to pump some iron. Warming up for bench press this way is the best way to ensure that you will in top form to lift even more than you could last time. You will prepare your muscles to lift a really heavy weight without injuring yourself. You will have let the blood flow in your muscles and let air and water in. This is the optimal setup for your muscles.

You do not have to be so specific with the percentages as long as you start out with half your max weight and work your way up gradually to your full weight.

Now that you are ready to bench press you can pick a weight that is heavier than you could previously lift and show everyone who the champ is.  Note that you should not warm down your muscles after the exercise. Your muscles have a sort of memory and it remembers the weight you lifted before. Making the mistake of warming down using a pyramid scheme is bad as the last weight you lifted was very light.

Well done, you have now learned the proper way of warming up for bench presses.

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