Ways to Get Your Head On Right

 9 Ways to Get Your Head On Right

All too often, our biggest roadblocks are ourselves. This can be a harsh truth to grasp for many. Yes, it is far easier to point the finger of blame at a number of outside influences and people, but most likely, it has the most to do with that organ that sits between your ears.

Ways to Get Your Head On Right

So how can one conquer their own brain? Here are 9 tips and methods to help you out:

1. Recall Past Successes – You’ve done it in the past, you can do it in the future. Think back to all the times in your life when you conquered over your adversity. You will conquer again. Believe in that truth.

2. Look to the Success of Others – Think it is too hot for your run today? Try Badwater Ultra. 135 miles in 120 degree heat. Now the 5 miler in 95 degrees doesn’t seem too bad does it? Moral of the story, it can always be worse.

3. Visualization of Future – Take the time to visualize yourself succeeding and achieving what you are seeking. Contrarily if you visualize failure, you will most likely get it. Think positive thoughts.

4. Let Go of What You Can’t Control – In both life and running there are many things you can’t control. In running you can’t control the weather, tree roots, talented competition, or a course that is too long. In life you can’t control the stock market, the actions of others, your boss, family members, or many other variables. Let it all go and focus on what is within your control.

5. One Step at a Time – The future is terrifying. Especially when there are many unknowns which can lead to a multitude of stresses. Much like #4, let it go. Take everything one step at a time and focus on making forward progress, regardless of how small it may seem.

6. Seek Advice of a Counsel – Having a counsel around you comprised of a variety of people can provide a great sounding board for your thoughts, fears, concerns, etc. Try to have people from all aspects of your life with varying backgrounds so you can get a wide breadth of opinions, which will enable you to come to a well-rounded opinion of your own. Sometimes talking it out is all you need to do.

7. Relax – Try a variety of relaxation techniques to get your mind to just quiet down for a little. Some of my favorites: yoga, music, reading, running, sitting on the beach, napping, hiking, or escaping into nature.

8. Find Your Motivation –  A nice repository of motivation can go a long way to picking you up when you are down. It can come from a variety of mediums: YouTube Videos, Songs, Quotes, Blogs, Articles, Movies, Pictures, the list goes on. Find yours and have it on hand for the darker days when you need it most. We keep ours here: The Motivated Runner Motivation

9. Gotta Keep Your Head Up – Andy Grammer says it best: “You gotta keep your head up.” Listen to the song here.

When it comes to the mind, I think that Kai Greene put it best: “The mind is everything, if you don’t believe you can do something, then you can’t.”

It’s as simple as that. Implementing is the hard part.

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