weight loss diets for vegetarian

vegetarian diets to lose weight - Effective Alternatives to Lowering Cholesterol

When it comes to lowering high cholesterol levels, you have to face the ever present reality that necessitates the modification of what you consume. For most people who decide on a low cholesterol diet, the idea is to slightly modify normal consumption patterns, especially in regards to meat products. In this instance, it is typical to observe the replacement of beef products with leaner meats such as poultry, as an example. While this course of action will produce results, another alternative that is likely to achieve the same goal is a vegetarian diet. Low cholesterol, in fact, is almost synonymous with vegetarian diet.

weight loss diets for vegetarian

1. Is High Cholesterol Really a Problem to be Concerned With?

If there is any question about the concern with high cholesterol, then consider the results. The American Heart Association reports a very chilling statistic over 100 million Americans have cholesterol levels that are above the recommended level and 20% of these individuals have levels that are classified as too high. High cholesterol significantly increases the risk of coronary heart disease (the main cause of death in the US), as well as strokes. Suffice to say, high cholesterol is a problem that should be of paramount concern to everyone.

2. What is the Primary Cause of High Cholesterol?

Generally speaking, a primary contributor to high cholesterol is the kinds of food you eat. Many of the foods that are consumed on a daily basis by most Americans is very high in cholesterol. This is particularly true of red meat products such as beef and dairy products. Cooking and preservation oils such as coconut oil, palm oil and cocoa butter are also problematic. There are other controllable and uncontrollable factors that contribute to high cholesterol as well. Weight and activity level are contributing factors, as well as your gender and race.

3. How Does a Vegetarian Diet Help Control Cholesterol Level?

A vegetarian diet necessitates a specific type of food to be consumed. Or, looked at another way, it eliminates various types of foods out of your diet. In both instances, there is a benefit when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels. On the one hand, a vegetarian diet features the absence of the red meat products (and often the associated cooking oils) that are so problematic to maintaining recommended cholesterol levels. The hamburgers and steaks are replaced by foods that have considerably less (or no) cholesterol levels such as vegetables, grains, oats, and fruits.

4. Does a Vegetarian Diet Really Work?

Vegetarian diets are a proven method to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. A true vegetarian diet effectively eliminates many of the foods that commonly contribute to high cholesterol and replaces them with foods that do not. Studies have shown, for example, that people who have diets with a high amount of whole grain possessed thinner carotid artery walls and slower onset of artery wall thickness. Other studies have shown that a dedicated plant based diet can lower LDL levels by as much as 13% in a 6 month period.

The most difficult aspect of engaging in a vegetarian diet is to give up the foods that one is accustomed to eating. Once this barrier is overcome, most people find vegetarian diets to wholesome, nutritious, and enjoyable. For certain, a vegetarian diet provides one with the benefits that are desired when seeking low cholesterol alternatives. With LDL levels under control, you will effectively lower your risk of coronary diseases and improve your overall health.

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