what dreams look like

 What Do Your Dreams Look Like?

When you close your eyes and look at your dreams, what do you see?

When you think about the future and what you where you want to be, what do you feel?

When you listen to loving voice in your head, that’s guiding you to the person you were born to be, what do you hear?

Do you take the time to listen, to feel, to see what’s before you?

what dreams look like

So often, before we dare to dream and to desire something new in our lives, we allow our negative self-talk to talk ourselves out of what we want. You might say things to yourself like:

  1. I can’t possibly go back to school, because that costs money.
  2. How am I going to afford that trip that I’ve always wanted to take? Might as well not even think about it.
  3. I might as well start adopting cats because there’s no good men left.
  4. I don’t have enough time to start my own business. I’ll be in this rat race forever.

Whatever YOU tell yourself about yourself, is definitely true.

Life may discourage us and you may have doubts, but never hesitate to dream. And dream big. Why not live your dreams in your own mind? Before you think that sounds crazy, think about it for a minute. Its not like you believe you’re someone that you’re not, or that the mental pictures in your mind are reality.

But what you’re doing is allowing  yourself to see, hear, feel, and taste what life is like once you’ve attained your dreams. That’s the most powerful motivation you can give yourself. If you don’t believe and see your dreams in your own mind, then how will you believe that you can have them?


My current dream is self-employment as a copywriter. So for a few minutes each day, I sit comfortably, close my eyes, and see what that dream is like in action. I see it through my own eyes, like I’m actually doing it, and I immerse myself in the colors, sounds and textures that I’d really feel if my desire were currently real.

This is crucial, not only for motivating me to make this dream happen for myself, but also to iron out any kinks in my planning.

If I envision myself working on a fancy laptop, then I need to save money toward my business. If I see myself working at my favorite coffee shop, then I need to research which coffee shops in my area would be the best ones in terms of getting work done. I also need to plan how I will attract clients, what my rates will be, and work on a website to promote myself.


The difference between a daydream and envisioning your dreams to motivate you is the effort you take to make your dream a reality.

We usually daydream about things that will be wonderful to have but we don’t expect to actually have them. Now I’ll probably never get with Gerard Butler like I do in my daydreams, but there are tangible goals and dreams that I can work toward, and when I envision those desires then its much more likely that they’ll happen in real life.

What I love about them is that no one can see them but me. I can be as unreasonable and unrealistic as I want. There’s no one to criticize what I want or give unsolicited advice. For as long as my eyes are closed, I can be as happy as I allow myself. And I don’t need any books, DVDs, course, or anything but my own imagination.

So what do your dreams look like? When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream?

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