What does focus have to do with bodybuilding success?

 What does focus have to do with bodybuilding success?

I’m sure you can remember the time when you thought about staring bodybuilding and going to gym regularly. Maybe you are in this phase of your life right now trying to find some motivation and reasons why you should exercise.

What does focus have to do with bodybuilding success?

There are many reasons why we want to do this, you could be fed up of being overweight, tired of being teased about your physique and pained by the constant rejection because your don’t meet the demands of the other sex. The point however is that at this time of your decision to start bodybuilding, you gain extreme focus.

What exactly is focus?

Bodybuilding Focus Focus is when all you can think about is a certain point and it’s on your mind day and night. This is when true motivation and inspiration hit us. We are brimming with the will to do something right now. We tend to put everything aside that gets in our way until we do what we are focused on.

We exercise harder, with intense focus on each rep making it our best effort. We feel great and we are in control. The task we are focused on seems almost too easy and we ace it.

The magic of focus is that life seems to shift around like a puzzle to fit your vision. But what is actually happening is that your subconscious is also joining the party and making you do things and go around things that you thought were previously impossible – that is the power of focus, we find a way.

What does focus have to do with success?

The main reason why millions of people never achieve their ultimate goals and dreams is because somewhere along the line they lost focus. Your job demands more of you or someone close to you becomes ill, you fall into money problems etc. All these problems side track us and we lose focus.

What does focus have to do with bodybuilding success?

Don’t fall for the trap that you think you are still focused if you still manage to go the gym and work out. Subconsciously you will slowly start to sabotage your own plans. You might skip that one meal or that one last rep. You tell yourself it’s OK you will make up for it somehow. This, my friend is what happens when you lose focus. Soon you will be back in your slump where you were in the first place. Slowly losing all that muscle mass you have trained for so hard.

How do we keep focus?

It’s going to happen to all of us, we lose focus. Humans can only sustain true focus for brief cycles and then we have to rely on discipline to keep us going. You can however regain focus and put yourself back on track. It’s actually crucial that you make goals for yourself and keep looking at them. Write then down and stick it on your wall.

One of the keys to getting your focus back is to get inspired all over again. Try and think what made you want to do this is the first place. Find that inspiration and re-ignite your fuel. When you truly want something you will get inspired each time you re-evaluate your goals and plans.  The trick is also to not have too many things going on at once in your life. Focus can only be on one thing at a time, maybe 2 if you are really good at it.

Remember you have one life and losing focus is literally wasting your own time here on earth. If you know what you must do FOCUS on it. Everything else is a distraction and must at all costs be eliminated or at least reduced.

I hope you find that inner focus and keep on fuelling it, doing this you will be very successful.

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