What is the best time to work out?

what is the best time to exercise?

What is the best time to work out?

Before you even start to worry about what the best time is to be doing your work out sessions one has to build the habit of going to the gym regularly. Maybe you already have a steady schedule and that is great! But the most important thing is to actually go on a consistent basis, neglecting this you won’t see any results even if you go in the perfect time.

It’s more important to work out when it suits you

Jeff Long ExerciseIt’s often more important to work out when it suits you. Trying to push yourself to go to gym at 6 in the morning when you know that is the last thing you find even remotely fun is not a good option for you personally. Or perhaps you cannot stand the crowds of people in the evenings and would rather go when it’s nice and quiet.

Most of us have crazy work schedules and finding a right time to work out can be hard at first, but once you find that spot in the day that works for you, keep on going and make it a habit. If you find yourself skipping your exercises because of things getting in the way , then it’s either time to change your workout time or make a tough decision and decide what is more important : Your health or the things that keep you from being healthy.

Are there workout times that get be better results?

Yes, there are times to workout that would get you better results, and this depends on what body type you have.

If you are an endomorph body type meaning you have a slow metabolism then its best to work out in the mornings as your body will need to use energy from your fat storage.

When you are an ectomorph body type and have faster metabolism it would be better to train in the evenings as you should have food in your body to use as fuel.

A mesomorph can choose any of these times, depending if you lean towards an endomorph or ectomorph body type. It’s best to try out both the morning and evenings and feeling how you feel during and after the workout. If you find that you are weaker in the morning, try the afternoon.  There is usually a significant difference; you will feel very strong when it’s the right time for you.

What times should I train when I want to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time?

Cardiovascular and weight training should not be done at the same time. Of course you can do this and many people do, but you will get better results if you leave at least 6-8 hours in-between the two.

Most bodybuilders train twice a day when they get close to competition to lose some body fat. However to keep them from losing muscle they have to separate cardio from weight training. The reason why you should not do both is because you use all your energy in doing weights and then when you start cardio your body will start to tear down your muscles for fuel.

It’s up to you when you do weights and when you do cardio. Personally I prefer to do cardio in the mornings and weight training in the evenings because I feel stronger doing weights in the evening.

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