When should I take creatine?

when should you take creatine?

This is a question most people starting bodybuilding asks. Most of them unfortunately, myself included made the mistake of taking creatine without knowing why and when. I just took it because I was told to take it and that it would increase my gains. There is no doubt that taking creatine can create magic when taken at the correct time and in the correct way.

Wasting your time and money on creatine

Taking creatine when you do not yet need it is really a waste of your money and time. Taking creatine in the wrong manner is also a waste of your money; you will need to know how to take it before it becomes effective. Adding yet another supplement to your diet can be very costly. Remember bodybuilding is all about eating the correct diet and getting in enough calories and protein to build muscle. Furthermore you need to exercise and lift weights regularly to stimulate your muscles. And lastly you need to rest. Supplements are only about 5% of the puzzle.

When should I take creatine?

No matter what you do supplements alone won’t get you to gain muscles. You need to follow the basics.

When should I take creatine?

Before thinking about taking creatine you will need to ask yourself some questions:

Do you know how many calories you need per day for your goals?

Do you know how much protein you need?

Are you following your diet and not cheating?

Are you making sure that you are not missing workouts?

Are you getting enough rest?

Do you have short and long terms goals?

You never struggle to increase your gains and strength?

Answering no to even one of these questions you should hold off on taking creatine. You can still increase your gains by working on your basics. Optimize you nutrition, workout and rest. When you know you are doing everything else correct and continue to struggle to gain weight, only then is it time to take creatine.

 Creatine will work magic for you when you take it when you are already performing at 100%, it will help you get over that bump in your path. Creatine will make you stronger and see gains faster when taken in the correct way.

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