Why do I feel inferior to everyone?

Why do I feel inferior to everyone?

Feeling inferior to people is something we all experience throughout our lives. There is a difference between feeling inferior and developing inferiority complex. Inferiority complex is developed when we do not take care of feeling inferior in the first place and it gets worse and worse. We then end up feeling weak, lonely and believing that we cannot achieve anything.

Why do we sometimes feel inferior?

Feeling Inferior Feeling inferior usually happens when you don’t feel confident in yourself in the first place. Many events can trigger this feeling: Your boss can make you feel inferior when he boasts about his status, you can feel inferior when everyone around you has money, you can feel inferior when you have to drive a cheap small car and all your friends drive big expensive ones. You can even feel inferior about your looks, intelligence and skills.

This is part of life and we all experience this time and time again.

What should I do when I feel inferior?

There are two things you can do when you feel inferior, you can either stay feeling inferior and eventually feel so bad about yourself that you start to think that you are a victim in life and you are not worth it. This is where feeling inferior can become dangerous and you start to develop inferiority complex and eventually depression.

Why do I feel inferior to everyone?

The other thing you can do is to actually use the feeling of inferiority to motivate yourself to become better. This is the natural thing we should aim to do. We are all born as weak children and born into a world of feeling inferior to everyone around us. But this gives us motivation to improve and strife to grow up. You should do the same as an adult. Many successful people once felt inferior about who they are. They felt poor or perhaps ugly or even worthless, but this gave them tremendous motivation to become successful and not give up. We’ve seen this time and time again from rich people that came from poor families or people that was shy at first but turned into leaders later on.

Feeling inferior should not put you down if you look at it this way. Make plans for yourself. Only you know what would make you feel powerful. Why not aim for that and be the best you can be!

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