Why do I feel nauseous after working out?

why do i feel sick after a workout

Many people feel nauseous after working out or even during exercise. I myself experienced this many times and literally felt so sick I thought about never exercising again. I did not understand what I did wrong or if I just had such an incredibly poor fitness level. There is however a few things I did wrong and fixing these can prevent you from feeling this again and actually enjoy the great feeling after a good workout.

Dehydration causes nausea

One of the most common reasons for feeling nauseous after working out is because you become dehydrated. Not drinking enough water before, during and after exercise can leave you dehydrated very fast because as you sweat you lose a lot of water without realizing it. Losing only 5% of your body fluids can cause headache and nausea and losing 10% can be dangerous and will cause vomiting, confusion and muscle spasms among other symptoms.

To prevent dehydration drink about 2 cups of water 2 hours before your workout. Then take 2 cups again 20 minutes before your workout. Keep a water bottle with you during exercising. If you are doing cardiovascular exercises you will lose water faster so drink half a cup every 10 to 15 minutes.

Do not get to the point where you feel so thirsty that you drink too much at one time and cause you to feel full. Working out on a full stomach may give you stomach cramps and cause nausea as well. So keep to half a cup or smaller sips as you proceed.

Exercising on an empty or full stomach

Eating a big meal before working out is also a reason you will feel nauseous after a workout. Eating too much before a workout will cause your body to start digesting the food while working out. This will take energy from your muscles and leave you weaker and also create stomach gas. This stomach gas and pressure is what makes most people feel very nauseas after exercising. Because you are weaker you will also over exert yourself and do too much causing such great fatigue that you will feel nauseous.

You should try and wait at least 1-2 hours depending on the size of the meal before head out to the gym. Also avoid drinking soda pop or eating sweets before exercising as this will raise your sugar levels and then drop as your insulin levels start to raise causing nausea.

Doing too much

Simply exercising too much and too heavy for your current fitness level could also be a cause for feeling nauseous. Take it slow and find out what you can do. As you progress, so will your fitness level and your tolerance level to feel nauseous.

After trying all these advices and you still feel nauseous it would be best to speak with a doctor and find out what could be causing your nausea.

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