Why do I hate myself so much?

 Why do I hate myself so much?

Reaching the point in your life where you realize that you hate yourself could either be a blessing in disguise or a terrible end. For many people that hate themselves however this can get so bad that they eventually end their lives. Hating yourself is actually a very common thought pattern.

Why do we hate ourselves?

Self Hatred The emotion of hating yourself usually stems from disappointment. You would like to do a lot more with your life but you don’t dare to do these things ending stuck in a rut and eventually hating yourself for being so weak and letting this happen.

Why do I hate myself so much?

Hating yourself is thus all about feeling worthless in your own eyes. You have told yourself over and over that you are useless, ugly and that nobody cares for you. Eventually this leads to loss op hope that your life will ever change and you become a victim of life. Every day tends to be the same negative self talk spiral.

Did you know that we actually become addicted to pain? When you are depressed you want people to see just how hurt you are and you end up sabotaging your own life more and more because you just wish someone would comment on how pathetic your life is or how unfair everyone is treating you, hoping that someone will come and save you.

One of the biggest reasons people hate themselves is when they have to hide who they are because they are afraid to be themselves or people put them down all their lives and forced them to be someone else. You yourself then start to hate who you think you are and keep it to yourself .This again goes back to us feeling weak and unable to change our life.

How do I stop hating myself?

Before you can stop hating yourself you have to stop and think just WHY you hate yourself in the first place. Do you think you are ugly? Do you hate where your life has gone? Do you feel stupid? Do you hate not being able to stand up to people? Do you hate yourself because you are gay?

Once you know what you actually hate about yourself you can start working on it. You don’t have to be who you think you are; you can be ANYONE you choose to. You owe it to yourself to love yourself because everyone is worth loving.

You might not believe me right now but it’s very possible to change your life. If you parents or friends are putting you down then you might want to distance yourself from them for a while. Start focussing on your needs and find a way to achieve them. Start learning to be assertive. This mean standing up for your rights, by not being mean but by negotiating your reasons.

Why do I hate myself so much?

If you want to be healthy and have a great body, join the gym. I know many people that think they are ugly and they KNOW they can fix this by eating correct and going to gym but they are too afraid of what people think. If this is you then you need to first learn that people really do not care what you do. This is YOUR life, do what is right for you! Many people waste their lives because of being too shy to do what they want – do not let this be you. Start learning to be more confident and your live will change in front of your eyes.

Start talking to people about your problems. Keeping who you think you are a secret is a big reason why you can hate yourself. You have to work on loving yourself every day. It really does not take that long. Healing starts the moment you realize that hating yourself in not set in stone but a choice. Just start by doing something for YOU. Love yourself and others will love you too.

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