why do i keep gaining weight

why do i keep gaining weight fast

There is no question that losing weight can be one of life’s most difficult things to do. You need to have will power, self-control and discipline. But sometimes something happens beyond our vision that moves you back to square one. This struggle with weight can leave you feeling hopeless, worthless and depressed.

Why do we keep on gaining weight and fall back into bad habits?

weight gain awareness Scientists have done an experiment on a frog where they put the frog into hot water and it jumped out immediately. They then took the frog again and put it into cold water this time. They gradually heated up the water until it started boiling and the frog died!

why do i keep gaining weight

What does this mean for us? We as human are just like frogs when it comes to habits. We start out a good diet and exercise plan and as time creeps on we do little things to side track us from our goals. Before you know it you are stuffing your mouth with fast foods again! How did you get to this place again!? Well it’s simple, one day you feel bad about yourself or a friend gets you to come with them and get fast foods. You agree to this one time, but then it happens again and again…And eventually you are back into your bad habits.

How can I stick to my habits of eating healthy?

As we’ve seen bad habits can creep up on you without you knowing, so the first step you need to do is to become aware of your gradual changes. This will take some getting used to but try and catch yourself when you are about to cheat and ask yourself if it’s really worth it? You can always keep a diary and make note of your current diet and habits and see how much you changed it.

Another lesson we can learn from the frog is that it jumped out when it was put into hot water. The same happens to humans when we try and jump onto a diet that is completely different to what we are used to. If you are used to living on donuts, cakes, French fries etc and then switch to vegetables, whole wheat and fish – you are in for one big shock.

We can use the same method of gradual change to ease ourselves into this new lifestyle. Just watch out for reversing it and falling back into bad habits. This is where you do need to learn discipline and awareness. Set yourself a goal to reach and progress towards it day by day.

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