Why do people become bodybuilders?

 Why do people become bodybuilders?

Bodybuilders are very proud confident people, very disciplined and usually achieve so much in life. But why do they do it? What made them make the decision to become a bodybuilder? Some people cannot believe that someone would go through such effort to look so big and they themselves do not then understand why and look down on bodybuilders thinking that they are arrogant, freaks and just doing it to show off.

Why do people become bodybuilders?

Becoming a bodybuilder because of a need

Jeff Long Bodybuilder Most people end up becoming bodybuilders because they were hurt in a previous stage in their lives. There are many reasons:

  1. Being neglected by parents as a child ,and now having to prove that you are worthy.
  2. Being bullied as a child and now wanting to protect yourself or others.
  3. When you are in need of gaining respect from people, you start bodybuilding to get that respect.
  4. Obese as a child , and now making up for that by being healthy and controlling your weight.
  5. Diagnosed with a disease that made you realize how important being healthy is.
  6. Feeling unworthy or ugly and trying to make up for that.
  7. Being extremely shy and trying to compensate by becoming a bodybuilder.

So as we can see many people become bodybuilders because they feel that they are not good enough or were not able to protect someone. They then start bodybuilding to get their power back as a human being. This is not a bad thing; it’s their own way of improving themselves and making themselves happy. Bodybuilders are usually very happy people because the skills one learns with bodybuilding has a ripple effect in everything else you do and makes you very successful. You not only learn to be healthy but learn to be healthy mentally by controlling emotions and understanding that you are in control of your own life.

What other reasons are there for people becoming bodybuilders?

There other half of people that become bodybuilders do it either because it’s something they grew up with because their parents did it, or was introduced to bodybuilding by friends. These types of bodybuilders might sometimes come across to people as cocky and judgemental, but as always never judge a book by its cover. All bodybuilders eventually learn to respect everyone and themselves. We all go through our own struggles and we just have to deal with it as times goes on.

These bodybuilders are just as disciplined as any other bodybuilder and are usually lucky because they started the bodybuilding lifestyle at an early age. Meaning they are prone to great successes from the get go as their parents raised them with strict discipline, life lessons and believing in themselves.

Being a bodybuilder is not for everyone, but it can definitely be a very positive thing for many people and help shape their lives for the better. If you come across a bodybuilder ask them why they started in the first place and I’m sure you will hear their story and understand it better.

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