Why is exercise so boring?

 Why is exercise so boring?

Getting extremely bored with your exercise routine is not an uncommon problem, it can get so boring that most people just quit and blame the gym of being a boring place and blaming their trainers for not making it fun.

Am I really bored or is it something else?

Bored with exercise Boredom is the feeling we get when we do something over and over and get tired of doing the same thing again because it does not interest us anymore. Watching the same old movie 1000 times will surely make you bored. You know what’s going to happen and you know deep inside that you are just wasting your time.

Why is exercise so boring?

However when it comes to exercise it’s a bit different. Think of it this way, you brush your teeth everyday right? (I hope so). Or you eat every day, you sleep everyday and you have to put on clothes every day. These are activities we need to do, and we do these thousands if not millions of times. Nothing changes they are the same every time, yet we are not bored of them. Why is that?

Well you know that if you do not brush your teeth that they will rot and you will have bad breath, if you don’t sleep you will feel tired, and if you do not eat you will starve. Now the same goes for exercise, if you do not exercise you will gain weight, be tired all the time and won’t be happy because of the state of your body. But exercise takes longer to see these results. That is why it feels like we get bored with exercise – we do not see results fast enough. The truth is that we are not really bored; we are unhappy, thus blaming external factors such as the routine being boring.

If you are happy you won’t feel bored

People that are happy never find anything boring. Have you ever found yourself watching a movie a second time because you wanted to show it to a friend? This time you won’t feel bored because you are happy at that moment. You will also find exercise more entertaining when you are happy.

So instead of blaming your trainer or the exercises for being boring – try and find out what is making you unhappy. Are you not seeing results? Is something else on your mind? Once you find and fix what is bothering you, you will understand that it’s not the external factors that makes you bored but its internal boredom because of being unhappy with your current situation.

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