Why is exercise so hard?

 Why is exercise so hard?

We should all try and exercise in order to stay healthy and energized. However exercise can be really hard sometimes! Going to the gym is the last thing most people want to do.

Why do I find exercise so hard?

Why is exercise so hard, As with anything, beginning something new is usually a learning curve. In this case your body is not used to exercise and it’s something very new. Cardiovascular exercises are particularly difficult when you are not fit or used to them. Running can seem like a short death sentence and lifting weights seems to be like asking someone to lift a car! What’s worse a day or 2 after exercise you end up crawling around the house from pain.

It’s not difficult to understand why so many hate to exercise. It sucks. It’s like trying to get children to eat vegetables – mission impossible.

If exercise is so hard why do people do it?

Exercise is very good for your health and keeping you in shape. Believe me or not, exercise is actually very fun once you get used to it. The problem is that most people give up in the beginning stages before they see any results or FEEL any different. All they feel is pain and struggle.

Why is exercise so hard?

Exercise can get so fun that it can actually get addictive! When your body is used to exercise you will feel brilliant after a workout session. You won’t feel the pain afterwards anymore as your body is now used to this – even the struggle during exercise gets better. Yes sometimes you still need to push yourself a bit, but it’s not nearly as bad as in the beginning.

But I’ve been training for a few years already and I still find it hard to exercise

If you still find exercise hard even after training for a long time, there can be 2 reasons. You may either have a medical condition and if this is the case you should go see a doctor and tell him your situation.

The other reason is that you do not exercise enough – you should try and aim for at least 3 workout sessions per week minimum. Or perhaps you exercise and stop for a month or 2 and then continue again. Our bodies unfortunately adapt very fast when it comes to cardiovascular exercise. It takes long to gain fitness, but you can lose it in a matter of a few months. Make sure you do not stop exercising – it should already be a habit if you train for years – just never take a break that is too long.


Exercise is only hard in the beginning. Did you know that if you exercise for at least 6 months you will have formed the habit of going to the gym and once you skip an exercise you will find yourself craving to go exercise! So try and stick in out for 6 months. Exercise will stop feeling so hard in a short time, even less than a month. So just keep on going – you will feel a lot better when exercising than when you are only sitting on the couch.

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