Your Diet to Improve LDL Levels

 Changing Your Diet to Improve LDL Levels

If you want to change your diet to improve your quality of life, hats off to you. If you need to change your diet to improve the quality of your life, then maybe this will help. Cholesterol is something that all of us have to deal with. It is out there affecting everyone's arteries. What can you do, besides taking the ever-popular statin drugs, to lower your LDL LDL is not a result of eating one too many omelets, but it is a response to inflammation. High LDL is caused by a diet high in trans fats and processed carbohydrates, not saturated fats. Here are some ideas that can help you achieve a small LDL number.

Your Diet to Improve LDL Levels

1. Can I eat Grains

Many experts agree that you should switch from refined carbohydrates to whole-grain carbs (like those found in whole wheat breads and pastas). If you sustain yourself on a diet of heavily starched grains, this will help you out immensely. However, if you want the best results possible, you need to eliminate grain carbohydrates altogether.

2. Is Fruit Okay

It is better to eat your fruit than drink it. The health benefit from fruit lies in the fiber. If you are drinking fruit juice, you lose that benefit completely.

3. What about Fish

Fish is the ultimate multi-tasker when it comes to foods. It provides the best source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which also aid in brain development. The best fish to eat is wild, cold water fish. This will reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals like mercury. Aim to eat two to three servings a week of wild mackerel, Nordic sardines or Alaskan salmon and you are getting the best of the best.

4. How can I Spice up my Food

Since higher LDL numbers are associated with inflammation, you want to look for condiments that help reduce this. Certain spices, like those that belong to the allium family, are natural anti-inflammatories. These include garlic, chili peppers, curry and ginger.

5. Can I Raise my Good Cholesterol

There are foods that are rich in essential fatty acids. This will help raise your HDL. These foods are nuts, olive oil, avocados, nut oils and nut butters.

6. Is Onion Breath a Bad Thing

If you are looking to improve your health, onion breath is a good thing to have. Whether it is red onions, yellow onions, scallions, leeks or anything of that nature, you can eat more of it. These bulbs are great at healing arteries and stemming inflammation. They are also high in quercetin, a flavonoid that is known for its anti-inflammatory capacities.

Think of your LDL like a golf score, lower is better. A small LDL is an indication that you are doing something right. You are eating the foods you should be and following your doctor's instructions. By using the guidelines above you will be well on your way to improving your LDL outlook.

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