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Baby Fat and Teen Fitness

I was 35 pounds heavier in high school than I have been for the past 14 years. I grew up playing sports and began teaching aerobics at age 15, but I still had issues with my weight. In fact, I ended up dealing with Bulimia (which never lost me a pound by the way -- a foolish answer for anyone!) for several years as a result of my insecurities. It stunk! It was so bad that today I spend oodles of time volunteering with kids your age and younger trying to teach the importance of caring for their health. I never want another child to face: eating disorders, poor self-image, depression and more. We are NOT our bodies! Our bodies are vital to getting us around in this world for the next 80 years, but it does not and should not define who we are!

Baby Fat and Teen Fitness

Fitness is crucial to a long healthy life, and I want you to focus on that. Focus on being strong, capable, flexible, energetic and vibrant. If you visit any doctors office and read the little pamphlets available, you'll see that almost every ailment out there can be prevented, controlled or cured by a healthy diet and regular exercise. That's what counts! G.E.R.D., Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, premature death, etc... can be avoided by simply taking care of yourself! Let's start there, with the BIG picture. Look yourself in the mirror each day and convince yourself to pursue a fit lifestyle in order to live well and live long. If you do that, and make good on your pledge...belly fat will never be an issue again.

Having said that! For you to become FIT, I recommend you find some sort of vigorous exercise you enjoy. Maybe even several different exercises. Swim, dance, cycle, box, play soccer. Whatever! Just find something to do, four-six times per week that gets your heart pumping and the sweat pouring. You're even old enough now to join a gym. Talk to your parents about that. Simple exercises like push-ups, lunges, squats, dips, and crunches will help you to become strong and firm all over. Including those abs of yours.

On the nutrition side, you'll probably have to ditch most 'teen style' ways of eating. Avoid fried foods, donuts, soda, and buttery popcorn. Those things are not beneficial at all! Fill the majority of your plates with fruits and veggies, add some lean protein, lean dairy and then a teeny bit of starchy carbs if you prefer. Avoid caloric beverages like soda, juice and Gatorade. Water, un-sweet tea, or Crystal Light beverages make tasty non-caloric drinks. Water is certainly the best choice of all!

To Jessica, Stephanie, Taylor, Delila, Michael and the other teens...change your mind. Decide to change the way you've been eating and moving. Do it for the health of it, and all of your body issues will dissipate. When personal training clients show up at my door asking to lose weight, I tell them the same thing. I've never once in 18 years put someone on a diet. Diet's offer temporary solutions that only lead to temporary results. Instead, I teach them to eat healthy and smart. I give them the courage and methods to say "no thanks" most of the time when someone offers them an unhealthy dish. I also encourage and teach them how to exercise vigorously most days of the week. Something everyone should do to their best ability. I teach them how to do this for the rest of their life! When they do what I ask them to do.....the weight falls off and they land in place where they feel happy in their skin.

If you DECIDE to pursue a healthy lifestyle and have the strength to maintain it, you will be strong. You will be lean. You will be a fit child who lives a long, healthy, active, vibrant life as an adult. Isn't that what it's all about? My best to all of you. Keep me posted on your progress! You CAN DO THIS!

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