avoiding 25 weight loss mistakes

 By avoiding these 25 weight loss mistakes

I don't think this needs much of an introduction -- it's a list of 25 common weight loss mistakes (some of which we make on almost a daily basis!). So read through it and see what small changes you can make to jumpstart your fitness and weight loss goals!

avoiding 25 weight loss mistakes

  1. Having a defeatist attitude from the start. Ever heard about the law of attraction? If you think about failing you'll attract failure. You'll sabotage yourself before you even get started. On the flip side go around believing you're going to succeed? You will!
  2. Starting something you can't see yourself sticking with forever. If you can't imagine doing it for the rest of your life, like a grapefruit diet or Atkins for example, then don't bother. It's about lifestyle choices, not quick fixes.
  3. Starting something you hate from the start. You may be telling yourself "beauty is pain" and forcing yourself to push onward, but how long is that going to last? Find something you can really get behind and stick with for the long haul.
  4. Weighing yourself too much. By getting on that scale everyday (or heaven forbid more than once a day) you're letting it rule your mood and control your day. That's just plain messed up. It's just a scale.
  5. Not drinking enough water. Back to basics is usually a good rule, and this is one of those cases. Drinking enough water can do everything from give your more energy to help you shed puffiness, and it's free, has no calories, and is always available!
  6. Drinking sugary beverages. There's really no substitute for water, and you don't need the hidden calories and chemicals. The article makes a good suggestion too: Put your favorite drink in your pets bowl and see if they will drink it!
  7. Eating more processed foods than natural ones. We're all trying to cut back, so to tell yourself you can never have a Suzy-Q or a TV dinner is unrealistic, but make sure you outweigh any processed fatty foods with all-natural ones in your diet.
  8. Not having a plan. No plan = no success. With today's busy schedules you're asking for trouble if you don't plan ahead. Healthiness doesn't happen by accident!
  9. Not being at least a little nutritionally savvy. How are you supposed to eat right if you're clueless?
  10. Always cleaning your plate. If you're full, stop eating. Simple as that.
  11. Going back for seconds. Hello portion control! It doesn't count if you have the right portions but you have them twice. If you really love it then save it and have it for lunch the next day.
  12. Skipping breakfast. Your mother was right: It really is the most important meal of the day.
  13. Starving yourself all day so you can cheat later. You'll end up eating something really unhealthy (thinking you've been so good all day!) plus at the end of the day the calories will go into storage instead of being used up.
  14. Binging when you slip up, and waiting until tomorrow or after to get back on track. Don't give in/give up completely because you make one small slip-up.
  15. Believing you're genetically destined to be fat. You may be predisposed, but the choices you make are what ultimately determine your health.
  16. Treating "fat" as a personality trait. It's not, it's a physical condition under your control.
  17. Waiting until your 'thin' to start living. Treat every day like it might be your last. A "the grass is always greener" attitude won't bring you anything but negative vibes.
  18. Putting too much stock in diet pills, gimmicks, etc.
  19. Treating exercise like a chore. It's a way to improve your health, your appearance, and your life -- it's a good thing!
  20. Drinking too much alcohol. This one should be self-explanatory.
  21. Watching, instead of playing, sports. Get out there and participate! It'll do your body good.
  22. Watching too much TV. Set limits, and stick to them. Do active things instead.
  23. Believing that dieting in spurts can have lasting results. You've heard it before and here it is again: it's about making permanent lifestyle changes!
  24. Eating fast foods regularly. There's really no room for them in a healthy diet. The occasional treat is no big deal, but if by "occasional" you mean several times a week then you're in trouble.
  25. Waiting until tomorrow to get started. Do it today! Right now! You'll be one day closer, one day healthier, one day thinner. And by tomorrow you'll already be on Day 2.

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