Blow past fitness roadblocks!

  Blow past fitness roadblocks!

What are your fitness roadblocks? We all have them, and learning how to blow right past them is a big part of success in a health and fitness plan. Consistency is key, right? We've all heard that countless times, but it's nearly impossible to be consistent when there are so many obstacles that get in way -- most of which are completely out of our own control. Things like bad weather (that's my biggest one lately), work running late, kids staying home from school sick, etc. etc. Think back over the last couple weeks or the last month: how many workouts did you miss? What were the reasons?

Blow past fitness roadblocks!

Well now there's no more excuses! Because once you know what the problem is you can form a plan of attack. Need some help with that part? Don't we all! Here are some tips on ideas for blowing past your specific roadblocks to get to a healthier, happier you:

  1. Time: Always running out of time? Try scheduling your calendar weeks or a month ahead of time and block out your exercise time right away. Cook on Sunday night for the rest of the week (this is a challenge to learn but so well worth it!) so you can hit the gym after work and dinner won't suffer, talk to your boss about your plan and ask for a flexible schedule (longer lunch, in later, leave earlier), and set an alarm for when it's time to exercise!
  2. Always be ready: You never know when an opportunity might strike, so be ready at all times by keeping your shoes in your car and a change of clothes in the trunk. Maybe you got waylaid by rainy weather yesterday but if it's sunny over your lunch hour today...
  3. Ask for help: Ask those close to you (family, friends, close coworkers) for help to meet your goals. Let them know what you're doing and encourage them to help out by doing activities together (family walks ) or switching some responsibilities around (i.e. they make breakfast for the kids or trade so somebody else is in charge of picking up the donuts).
  4. Weather: Nobody said you couldn't run in the rain, most people just don't like to. So either make the decision not to let a few raindrops get in your way and wear a slicker and water-resistant shoes, or have a back-up plan of doing laps on the stairs or heading to the gym instead. Don't use weather as an excuse to sit on your behind.
  5. Get it done early! Studies show that the most consistent and successful people workout in the morning. Why does this help? Obviously because you're not giving life much of a chance to throw you a curve ball that will interfere.
  6. Set goals. How do you expect to stay motivated and make progress if you don't know what you want? Having a clear idea of what you're "missing out on" or posponing by missing a workout is a great motivator not to skip.
  7. Get enough sleep. Not only will your body perform better when you are exercising, but you'll have more energy to get you started, even if it is at the end of a long day at work.
  8. Go mental. If you're head isn't in it your heart won't be either. Talk the talk so you can walk the walk. Tell yourself positive messages, i.e. while you're exercising don't focus on what body parts are jiggling or how out of breath you are but instead on picture all the calories that are melting away and feel how your blood is pumping through your system.
  9. Give yourself a break. Every so often your body needs a day or two off, so enjoy those times and use them to plan switch-ups in your routine or ways to make things more interesting, and to revive your motivation -- you can do it!

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