By getting over procrastination

how to get over procrastination

Get over it! Haha, I just always wanted a reason to yell that out. And procrastination, especially in the area of your health, is as good a reason as any. Do you have a problem with procrastinating and just taking forever to really get started with all your lofty health and fitness goals? I do, totally. Once I'm going I'm usually able to stick with it for awhile and see some good results, but getting started is the real problem for me.

By getting over procrastination

The reasons why people procrastinate can vary wildly, but I must say I agree with this take on it over at Cranky Fitness, which basically says that procrastinators aren't necessarily the lazy bums they're made out to be. You can be an awesome procrastinator and still be a very productive person -- just not in the desired target areas! So what's the issue? Well only you can answer that question, but it could be something as simple as being afraid of failure (that's when a good solid "get over it!" might help, and the realization that you're already failing by not even trying) or even that you're simply not expecting to enjoy it so you're putting it off for other things.

Try these tips they suggest to help "get over" your own procrastination issues:

  1. Stop criticizing yourself! We're all our own worst enemies in this department!
  2. Identify the problem. Really figure out why it is that you keep putting off your plans, and write it down. Writing it down will help you deal with it, as will talking to somebody about it that you know will be positive and understanding.
  3. Don't waste time. Kind of like a food journal, keeping a log or journal of how you spend your time can help you figure out where your time is going.
  4. Don't over commit! Don't be afraid to say no.
  5. Break your project or goal down into manageable pieces.
  6. Realize that the hardest part is starting! Tell yourself you only have to work on it for 15 minutes at first (chances are you might stick with it longer!).
  7. Make time for the fun stuff you love. If working out isn't your favorite thing then make sure you allow enough time and schedule fun stuff too, so you don't end up feeling deprived and resentful of your goal.

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