Chanelling your younger self

 Chanelling your younger self

Think about it: Why were you so much fitter when you were in high school? Is it because your metabolism was faster? Possibly, but chances are you were also a lot more active. It's not necessarily your fault -- being young involved more than just sitting at a desk all day. Whether it was gym class, walks to the store, riding your bike to your friend's house, chasing the girls (or boys) down the hall or fights with your siblings, you were active so much more. Now you have to make time for such things, unless you work in an office where chasing co-workers down the hall is appropriate (I doubt it) or you still wrestle your little brother for the remote (I hope not). I for one would love to spend less time under the fluorescent lights of the gym and more time engaged in the carefree activity of a teenager. Here are some ways I, and you, can channel our younger selves and get back into that way of life that we miss so much.

Chanelling your younger self

Skate or die: 

Skateboarding was the thing to do when I was growing up in the 80's, and part of me wants to get back in to it, if only to add excitement to my daily walks. There's also this item I saw on Fitsugar called Street Surfing, which is like a combination of snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding, except it's mostly like skateboarding because you do it on dry land. It's great for the core and looks like a lot of fun, but wear a helmet just in case it's not as easy as it looks.

Hooping it up: 

Did you have a hula hoop growing up? I used to be a master of it, but when I tried it recently, it took about half a second for that thing to fall to the floor. What's the deal? I tried a few more times to keep it up with no luck. I see now that hula hooping is coming back ... to your gym. According to this article, hula hoops are used in some cardio classes nowadays. I'll be darned.

High roller: 

I grew up in roller skates. Now I see people all the time in roller blades, and it takes me back to the days of cheesy dance music and strobe lights of the roller rink. Rollerblading and skating are both great workouts and tons of fun, whether you're outdoors or in. I went back a to my beloved roller skating a few months ago and I managed to pick it up again really fast, but I got a bit ahead of myself and ended up landing hard on my bum. OUCH! So I would recommend easing your way into it and maybe even taking some instruction

Play ball: 

Remember the days of team sports? I haven't been on a team since I sprained my finger in volleyball in 8th grade, and I always thought I wouldn't want to be because I'd rather have fun than endure the pressure of letting the team down in a competition. But people have been opening my eyes to the world of what in my hometown is known as beer leagues -- mildly competitive team sports that are more focused on fun and making friends than winning. You can take up softball, basketball, volleyball or even ... Dodge ball! They even have Dodge ball 101 classes at some gyms.

Water baby: 

I mentioned before that I love activities involving water and I've always been this way. The days of my youth were spent at the pool or on a lake, playing Marco Polo, peddle-boating, having water fights, snorkelling, water-skiing or one of the many other activities I took up to pass the lazy days of summer. Call me immature but I also love a good water park, complete with dozens of slides that twist and turn and offer stomach-lurching drops.

What was your favourite activity growing up? And would you try it again?

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